2 Total Solutions for Egg Processing Industry PELBO dedication to egg industry goes back to early 70s when first parallel lines egg breaker / separator was patented and launched in the market. Since those days PELBO energies have been addressed to provide innovative products and systems based on most advanced technologies to support egg industry for its business profitability and production efficiency. Today PELBO products and systems portfolio includes complete range of egg breaking and liquid egg processing plants based on components and technologies developed and tested internally and supported by a team of highly skilled engineers. To get more news about Egg breaker machine, you can visit dinneregg official website.
Worldwide presence with own staff, business partners and reseller guarantees constant connection with customers and most significant players in the egg industry allowing PELBO R&D to develop innovative solutions turned into stand alone products, fully integrated egg processing plants and customized solutions. Egg Loaders ( / eph) CRONO 4 / CRONO 2 DUAL LOADING SYSTEM cph CRONO cph CRONO cph Egg loading has been always the critical factor in egg breaking process. Egg processing industry uses several kind of trays, either new or re-used, made by carton or other different plastic shapes. Eggs are often more fragile when compared with egg grading, another delicate egg process, but with less constraints than in egg breaking.
PELBO egg loaders are designed to guarantee maximum performance and continuous operations during process. Made with food tech grade stainless steel all PELBO egg loaders are fully automatic to guarantee stable and gentle egg handling for maximum efficiency. Egg handling must be performed at constant speed, smoothly and gently, to guarantee constant egg supply to high capacity egg breaking & separating systems. The state-of-the-art CRONO loaders family incorporates all PELBO experience and the innovative Multilink servo assisted auto adjusting technology guarantees maximum performance, minimum downtimes, and dramatically reduced egg loss. PELBO egg loaders are fully compatible with egg breaking systems but can be also utilized to feed other machinery such as egg grading. CRONO cph MODEL TYPE CAPACITY RANGE manual semi/auto auto eggs / hour cases / hour ZB / / 125 GEMINI / / 200 CRONO CRONO CRONO ZB cph

Egg Breakers / Separators ( / eph) SYNCHRO cph PELBO egg breakers/separators provide large quantity of egg yolks with very high content of dry matter and even broken yolks are recovered allowing a superior performance. All PELBO egg breakers separators are built to guarantee long-term trouble free operations, with easy maintenance and simple sanitation by integrated automatic CIP system.

4 The key component of an egg processing plant is the egg breaker, PELBO produces a wide range of egg breaker separators with capacity from 20,000 to eggs/hour. All PELBO breakers separators are equipped with unique exclusive egg breaking system combining the highest proven yield in the industry with the cleanest product possible, an indispensable property to ensure long shelf life of finished products. High capacity egg breaking systems may be equipped with PELBO top of the range egg white inspection system, which can guarantee the highest quality of egg white with fat content below 0.03%. SYNCHRO cph SYNCHRO cph SYNCHRO cph Optional Hygiene Dome System SYNCHRO cph SIMPLEX 5S cph SIMPLEX 3S75-75 cph MODEL ROWS CAPACITY RANGE LOADING UPGRADE eggs / hour cases / hour SEPARATION (cups) ALBUCHECKER (yolk scanner) SIMPLEX 3S / / 75 manual to 5S125 option SIMPLEX 5S / / 125 ZB option SYNCHRO crono 2 - SYNCHRO crono 2 - SYNCHRO crono 4 - dual crono 2 - crono 6 - SYNCHRO crono 2 +crono 4 - SYNCHRO crono 6 / in line -