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"We will not have to make up the day we missed up (April 15, 2019). Our awesome facility has worked tirelessly today to make modifications to relocate those students whose classrooms were affected. The elementary classes will be combined due to space and the teachers will be team teachers.

That rail looks quite exciting, GG. Neat capture. Yep, you were a good ways off from the deer but nice detail even from the distance. Nothing says Alberta Badlands like hoodoos and while you may think they just around Drumheller and Dinosaur Provincial Park, they here, too. The striking geological formations are made of sand, mud and clay and formed by the effects of erosion. At Writing on Stone, you can wander through them on well worn paths and really get up close to study them.

Nice Guy" for Steve Sweeney Mulshine After this move by Gov. Murphy, it's "No More Mr. Nice Guy" for Steve Sweeney Mulshine After the governor's budget debacle at the hands of the Senate President, Phil Murphy should have just waited till next year to start another fight; instead he picked yet another fight he can't winYesterday + By Paul Mulshine Star Ledger ColumnistRepublicans have stopped believing in democracy Editorial Republicans have stopped believing in democracy Editorial It's their shameless stunts to skew political representation by fixing elections, or making it harder for people to vote..

Flawesome fashion accessories include a gore geous pair of pink kicks, a statement necklace, blue earrings and pink bow shaped bag. Look for monsterrific touches, like her pink streaked hair, fangs and heart marking, that showcase this favorite Monster High character's freaky fabulous flaws. Ghouls at home will love learning to embrace what makes them unique along with their beast friends from Monster High.

Hooray for snow days! That brisk chill in the air signals that it's time to bundle up the kids in warm winter gear and get outdoors for some cool family fun and winter activities. Way better than riding in a one horse open sleigh, soaring downhill on the slickest sledding equipment is guaranteed to be a blast! Easy to pack for a trip to the park, our top picks of sleds, saucers, tubes, and toboggans are great for gliding through the season. Be sure to have helmets handy to keep the little ones safe, and enjoy the ride!.