Compared with modern WOW, it is more interesting to choose the WOW classic race. Not only are race and class combinations less than modern games, but each person's Warcraft race ability is more diverse and powerful. Over time, WOW official Entertainment has become averse to certain races and has added new races that unite most professions for their utility and damage. But in WOW Classic, these differences are more obvious, which means that the course you choose can change the success of the character if you buy cheap WOW gold classic. However, how can you choose the best WOW Classic race? Here are some tips for you.
Among the Alliance races, humans have the largest selection of racial and class combinations. These include mages, paladins, pastors, rogues, warlocks, and warriors. Interestingly, this means that if you want to play hunters, and almost all races in modern WOW can use it, then you need to play other games. Their racial characteristics are strong, although not as strong as other races. It's worth noting that they can gain reputational gains through diplomacy, which means that if you become a human, every activity you participate in will gain 10% reputation.To get more news about Buy WoW Items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

2. Night Elf

Night elves can be druids, hunters, priests, rogues, or warriors. They are the only race that can be druids in Classic, so if you want to play a druid, your choice is made. Night elves have the amazingly overpowered Shadowmeld ability, which acts a bit like rogues’ Vanish, dropping you out of combat and putting you into stealth. Unlike rogues, you cannot move without dropping stealth, but it’s a great way to stop monsters from killing you when you’re trying to run away.

3. Dwarf

Dwarves can be hunters, paladins, priests, rogues and warriors. They can find nearby treasure on the minimap, have +10 frost resistance, 5 bonus gun skill, and Stoneform – a powerful defensive cooldown that makes dwarves immune to bleeds, poisons, and diseases, as well as increasing armor by 10% for 8 seconds. Stoneform is reasonably powerful in PvP.

4. Gnome

Gnomes can be mages, rogues, warlocks, or warriors in Classic, and this lack of class variety is one of the reasons why they’re among the lesser played races. In terms of skill, they gain +10 arcane resistance (not particularly useful), 5% intelligence increase (useful for wizards and warlocks), + 15 engineering skills and "escape" artists, one minute of cooldown Gnomes can't move or slow down.