At Valco Valley Tool & Die, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with a variety of services to meet their operations’ needs. While our specialty is our extensive line of readymade and customizable snap buttons, we also are able to offer a CNC turning center, a screw machine department, and a four-slide department. To get more news about progressive die stamping, you can visit official website.

Along with these services, Valco is additionally adept at progressive die stamping, an essential process for many industries and one which offers a range of potential applications. Let’s take a moment to look at progressive die and stamping procedures and how they can benefit your products.Progressive die stamping is a process used during metal forming that can create parts for a host of industries. Progressive dies are often utilized in higher-volume production, with their components engineered to function at higher rates of speed

Dies for this method are often constructed from tool steel, due to its ability to endure high shock loading, maintain the precise cutting edge required, and stand up to abrasive forces employed during the process. All of these modification techniques are accompanied by an automatic feeding system. This feeding system draws a strip of metal which unrolls from a coil, allowing each station to complete its given task leading to a finished part. The material that the part is ultimately separated from is called the carrying web, and this is relegated to a scrap bin to be recycled for later use once cutting is complete.

Because work is performed at each station during the progressive die stamping process, it is of paramount importance that a strip is advanced with precision so that the metal aligns within a few thousandths of an inch as each movement takes place. Pilots, in particular, serve an essential function during the progressive die and stamping process, as they hold a strip in a specific location to allow total control during operation, providing the precise alignment discussed previously. These pilots are normally conical, or shaped in a fashion similar to bullets