Zhejiang University set a new record by ranking fifth in the team competition, and won the highest honor of the event – the Sandpiper Award.FANG Jie from GMSCM2017 won the championship in men’s group A, and five other players, with their excellent performance, ranked top ten in competition in group A, B and C. To get more news about MBA college in China, you can visit acem.sjtu.edu.cn official website.
From August 22ndto 24th, 2020, the 9th Asia-Pacific Business School Desert Adventure(hereinafter referred to as “Asia-Pacific Desert Adventure”) was held in Tengger Desert. The Asia-Pacific Desert Adventure, with a duration of three days and a whole course of 70km, is a desert cross race for MBA students in Asia Pacific region.The purpose of the competition is to temper the will in the arduous environment, and to train for stamina and indomitable spirit.ZJU MBA Deagle (Shaying) Outdoor was led by YUAN Yang and XIA Wenling. 31 players competed with over 1,500 others from more than 70 colleges and universities around the world in Alxa, and finally made historic achievements in Tengger.
At 5:00 a.m.,the streets of Alxa were still shrouded in moonlight, but inside the hotel it is hustle-and-bustle. After one-hour drive, the team arrived at the starting point.
The team assembled immediately, busy sorting out their bags, queuing up and warming up,
As the sun rising, the air became very dry, and the atmosphere of the venue gradually became tense and restless.Time seems to be enough but was indeed quite limited. Immediately after the appointing ceremony, they began to wait for the starting pistol. The team members acted quickly and orderly, completed all the preparatory work in a short time.
The sun seemed to hear the whistle of departure. Soon after the departure, it rose high to the sky and poured its blazing light on the whole desert.As the ground temperature rose rapidly, the sweat evaporated as soon as it came out. The sand was blown to face by strong dry wind, crushing everyone's energy cruelly, and it was just in the morning.
Every step on the soft sand is harder than usual. The predetermined route with a full length of 25km is a great test of physical strength. On the endless towering sand dunes, the players sometimes climb the sand ridges and sometimes go around the sand waist. After Climbing up a sand dune and rushing down, you’ll see a similar sand dune ahead, which is a kind of suffering for both the body and the mind.
Team C has been waiting at the finish line, the team to provide logistics in a careful and thoughtful manner. After several hours of exposure to high temperature, the players experienced physical exhaustion, heatstroke, cramps, and injuries.They helped each other to cool down, stretch and replenish.Finally, everyone finished the match safely, and FANG Jie won the first place on the first day.
Besides the championship of men's group on the first day, Zhejiang University also ranked fifth in the team competition on the first day!Thanks to the unremitting efforts of all the team members, Zhejiang University made a good start.When the sun goes down, all team members come out from tents and gather together to summarise and share the experience of the competition on the first day.It was obvious that everyone has a deeper understanding and experience of the desert.Meanwhile, the team leader Tang also explained the game tactics, general principles and anti-cramp skills of the second day.