Stainless steel rope mesh (also called SS cable mesh) made form high quality stainless steel wire rope, with the features of extremely anti-corrosion and resistant to UV rays, has a long lifespan in the harsh environments. And its largest benefit is particular resilience and flexibility. Our rope mesh may in knotted, ferrule type, woven square, or square mesh with cruciate/cross clamps. They are all favored by fashion architects.To get more news about stainless steel ferruled rope mesh, you can visit official website.

Our rope meshes are mainly manufactured from high tensile stainless steel AISI 304, 304L, 316 or 316L. They are available in constructions of 7 × 7, 7 × 19 or 1 × 19 and in diameter from 1mm to 4mm. SS rope mesh are generally used as building facade green wall, balustrade for bridge, stairs and paths.
Stainless steel rope mesh with ferrules has the same function as the one of plain weave. Ferrule is also made of the same material as the rope. It connects the two neighboring ropes and forms diamond opening. Stainless steel 304 and 316 are available.

Hot specifications ordered by customers:

Stainless steel rope mesh with ferrules, main cable (in red): 15 to 20 mm diameter stainless cables, boundary cable: 10 mm, opening size: 38 mm × 38 mm, inner mesh wire: 1.6 mm.
Stainless steel rope mesh with ferrule a panel: 8' width × 12' length, 2.4 mm rope diameter.
50 × 50 mm mesh opening size and 3 mm wire diameter, stainless steel rope mesh with ferrules.
1.5 mm wire diameter, 30 mm × 30 mm hole size and diamond opening rope mesh with ferrules.
Rope mesh with ferrules, material: SS304, 2 mm wire, 5 cm opening.
Material: SS304, 1.5 mm wire diameter, 5 cm opening, rope mesh with ferrules.
Stainless steel rope mesh is connected by ferrule forming diamond opening, 1.6 mm rope diameter, 25.4 × 44 mm mesh opening size, 150 m2 width is 1.5 m, length is 100 m.
Stainless steel rope mesh with ferrules, material: AISI316, height: 700 mm, total length: 30 meters, mesh dimensions: 200 × 120, wire rope thickness: 3 mm.
8' × 12' stainless steel rope mesh with ferrule, 1.2 mm wire diameter with diamond opening.