Flexible stainless steel cable mesh is the future of the enclosure material,manufactured from high-grade stainless steel cables of material class AISI 304,AISI304L ,AISI 316 / AISI 316L ,including knotted mesh and ferrule mesh, Mesh can be applied in either a vertical or horizontal direction,The mesh is hand woven from stainless steel wire, Commonly used Mesh sizes range from 20 mm x 20 mm to 300 mm x 300 mm with stainless cable diameters from 1.0 mm to 4.0 mm,Allowing architects and designers to choose from a variety of load the corresponding specifications,But, because the weave opening, we can infinitely customizable ,to meet your exact specifications, No matter how large, how small.To get more news about stainless steel ferruled rope mesh, you can visit mesh-fabrics.com official website.
1. Easy to install, has good flexibility, adapt to complex terrain and installation angle.

2. Stainless steel cable net of all the parameters can be modified according to customer requirements.

3. Made of high-quality stainless steel wire, strong corrosion resistance, light weight, high tension, the extreme situation can also maintain stability.

4. The service life of up to several decades, maintenance costs are very low.

5. Stainless steel decorative cable network with diamond-shaped openings, simple and beautiful, easy to clean.
stainless steel cable mesh has excellent flexible performance,It is have a wide range of applications, including: balustrade infill, animal enclosures, art forms, plant supports, safety nets, fencing and aviaries etc, Because of its flexibility, it can be applied to almost all complex terrain and irregular space.

The stainless steel ferrule wire mesh is flexibility means it can be stretched, bunched and twisted to fit the underlying structure and create interesting effects, without compromising either strength or security,rope diamond ferruled wire mesh can be installed horizontally or vertically depending on your required.