Ring mesh curtain, composed of rings and "S" hook connect piece, is a new type of metal decoration materials with environmental and fireproof properties. It is applicable for ceiling, partition, background decoration. By the way, it is similar to chainmail curtain. With metal wire's unique property of flexibility and smooth, ring mesh curtain is lightweight, elegant as well as various colors, which is deeply loved by designers. Made from low carbon steel and stainless steel, it features of durability, luxury and practical economy, which is splendid and gracious under lamplight and sunshine. It is widely applied as space divers, decorations, curtains in advanced buildings, such as hotels, office buildings, elevators and more.To get more news about ring mesh curtain, you can visit boegger.net official website.

Metal ring mesh is widely applied in interior and exterior decorations as space divider, window curtain and facade cladding. As new type of metal decoration materials, metal ring mesh is popular in applicable ceiling, partition, background decoration, window treatment and facade cladding with the properties of easy installation, simple structure and environmental protection. It can be used in various applications, such as: