The game-breaking bug took advantage of the layering system, letting him skip the entirety of a dungeon before repeatedly killing the final boss.To get more news about buy WoW Classic Items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Normally, a team of five to 10 players would spend up to an hour to reach the end of a dungeon. But a Reddit user bypassed this by leaving his group, reinviting his teammates, and resetting the dungeon. Before the introduction of layering in Classic, this exploit wasn’t an option. Reforming a group is intended to teleport players to the entrance of the dungeon.

With layering, though, it appears to be a different story.Layering isn’t supposed to work this way, and as a result, Blizzard has stepped in and vowed to deploy a worldwide bug fix by the next realm reset. “As soon as possible, we will identify those who knowingly abused this bug in exploitative manner,” community manager Kaivax wrote on the Blizzard forums. “We will then take appropriate punitive measures.” It’s unclear exactly what will happen to the Reddit user and his guild, but it looks like a swift ban could be in the cards.