Starting on Nov 5th and ending on Nov 10th, the 3rd session of the China International Import Expo (CIIE) has officially closed for this year. When we look back at the short but meaningful exhibition period, many admirable achievements have been made.To get more news about []CIIE[/url], you can visit shine news official website.
Even under the pressure of pandemic, the expo still attracts 2700+ professional exhibitors, including about 200 Fortune-500 companies, to attend, which stays almost the same number as last year. On the other side, with about 400,000 registered professional visitors, it is predictable to say that a large amount of business opportunities has been negotiated and implemented during or even after the expo ( This year, the CIIE concluded with a total of 72.62 billions USD intended deals signed, an increase of 2.1% compared with the 2nd edition (Shanghai Daily). The expo is like a strong signal that China wants to spread to the whole world: import business in China has successfully passed the test of COVID-19 and it will grow even more stronger than before!

Bansard International, as the first-time exhibitor, has also received such signal. During the 6 days in our booth, we’ve seen lots of clients who have strong intention of importing goods to China. Thanks to the involvement of our sales team in Bansard Shanghai, during the expo, we’ve got hundred people visiting our booth, and cooperation intention from new customers, and signed a official letter of intent with one of our new client.