When the New York Giants take the field for Monday night’s game at home against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they’ll be wearing their Color Rush uniforms in honor of the 30th anniversary of their victory in Super Bowl XXV.To get more news about cheap New York Giants jerseys, you can visit giantsnfl.com official website.

Introduced into the rotation in 2016, the Giants’ Color Rush uniforms are modeled after what the franchise wore on the road from 1980-99. The white jersey features blue and red stripes on the sleeves and collar that can also be seen down the sides of the pants.

The blue helmet, meanwhile, swaps the customary “NY” decal and gray facemask for the “GIANTS” wordmark and white facemask worn during that era.The Giants are winless in four attempts while wearing their Color Rush uniforms and are only scheduled to wear them once this season.