WOW Classic Phase 3 is live, featuring the Blackwing Lair raid dungeon. At the same time, the number of registered players of WOW Classic is also increasing day by day, which all stems from the great appeal of WOW Classic and the love of players for WOW series.To get more news about wow classic buy gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.
After playing WOW Classic for a while, someone would soon realize that there are a series of complex mechanics in it, including many types of WOW Classic items. For novices players, when they first started playing the game, it was difficult to figure out what ones should be kept in pack, and even mistakenly lost some items that were not profitable at the beginning but were actually valuable. Our task is to tell players which items in WOW Classic are worth keeping, especially to make huge profits late in the game.

Ironweb Spider Silk is one of the most common items that often appear after completing the dungeon quests in the first few phases of WOW Classic, but after Phase 3, it can be used to craft, like the Corehound Belt, and its use is increasing day by day. Until Phase 4, Silk can also be used with Zul' Gurub to craft the Bloodvine Set to increase the attack power.
Both the mage and the warlock's demand for Ironweb Spider Silk are indispensable, so for players, don't throw away Silk randomly in the early stage of the game, otherwise, you can only exchange with much Gold.
Until Phase 4, every two Large Brilliant Shard can make a Brilliant Mana Oil, which could add buff including 12 mp5 and +25 healing for half an hour. In Phase 5, Shard can be also used to craft epic new glove enchants. In the later phases of WOW Classic, you don't have much time to gather up these common items, all the best way is to collect every Large Brilliant Shard you encountered, starting from Phase 1.