Metal curtains have been increasingly recognized and approved by more and more designers and property owners. They are gradually replacing their counterparts - fabric curtains over a great number of applications. Metal curtains not only have similar features to the cloth curtain such as flexibility and block light, but also prevents combustion.To get more news about metal cloth curtain, you can visit official website.

Our company, Boegger Industech Limited has been a pioneer and now a leader of manufacturing various types of metal curtains since 2000. Over the past 17 plus years, all our staffs have been developing new models to the markets to satisfy special requirements. At the same time, we have been expanding markets' requirements.

What are the materials of making metal curtains?
Stainless steel and aluminum are main materials of making curtains. Stainless steel is an excellent metal to resist corrosion and rust. Aluminum, especially anodized aluminum, is also rust proof. By the way, anodized aluminum can be any color.
What advantages of metal curtains?
Common fabric curtain is easy to set on fire. However, metal curtain will never burn.Whether aluminum or stainless steel, metal curtain will serves you much longer and need no or less maintenance.
Metal curtains contain metal cloth, chainmail, chain link curtain and woven wire drapery. They are attached to tracks - curved or straight, to form different forms.
Where metal curtain used?
Room dividers are necessary for a large space. They can divide the room into several relatively isolated zooms. Hence, the room will have a lot of functions.
Window treatments
Chainmail curtain and chain link curtain are great for window treatments. They will reflects metallic light under sunlight. What is more, chain link curtain can be used as fly screen.
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