The material of Isola 370hr PCB is FR4, FR4 specifies the material type of PCB – FR4 is another name for “glass fiber reinforced epoxy laminate”. It is a common PCB material. It is widely used as PCB material because of its high dielectric strength, high mechanical strength, light weight, moisture resistance and other characteristics that contribute to PCB manufacturing. FR in FR4 stands for “flame retardant”, which is another feather in the PCB material cover.To get more news about Isola 370HR PCB, you can visit pcbmake official website.

The 370hr system in Isola 370HR PCB has been used in thousands of PWB designs and has been proved to be the best in its class in terms of thermal reliability, CAF performance, ease of machining, and continuous lamination design.
Isola 370HR PCB Product Attributes:

High Thermal Reliability , High Density Interconnect

Typical Market Applications:

Computing, Storage & Peripherals,
Consumer Electronics,
Networking & Communication Systems,
Aerospace & Defense,
Medical,Industrial & Instrumentation ,
Automotive &Transportation