The Four Seasons aren’t here?” When he heard the Peak of Myriad Illusions, Chu Feng’s expression changed slightly. He knew that peak was one of the most important peaks and normally only they and Lady Piaomiao could enter. Others were forbidden from nearing it.To get more news about Martial God Asura latest chapter, you can visit freewebnovel official website.

Typically speaking, Chun Wu would bring him to a forbidden land like this, yet right now, Lady Piaomiao had such a normal guard bring him over. He had a feeling that something was wrong and subconsciously felt that Chun Wu and the others were possibly not here.

“Lady Chun Wu, Xia Yu, Qiu Zhu, and Dong Xue are not here.” The guide shook his head. Indeed, it was the same as Chu Feng’s guess.

“Senior, do you know what they are doing?” Chu Feng quickly asked.“Lord Chu Feng, I truly don’t know this. Please forgive me.” The guide had a very awkward face. It didn’t seem like he was not telling Chu Feng and really did look like he knew nothing.

Chu Feng didn’t continue asking, but there were some thoughts in his mind. Since Lady Piaomiao needed to see him with such urgency, something definitely happened. Otherwise, judging by her nature, she wouldn’t have done that.

After arriving at the Peak of Myriad Illusions, Chu Feng discovered the scenery there was quite beautiful. However, on the entire peak, there was only a single tower. Its shape was normal, but there were several colours. The colours interweaved with one another and endless changed. It was very mystical and also extremely beautiful.

“Lord Chu Feng, Lady Piaomiao is waiting for you inside.” The guide didn’t dare to enter. He stopped three meters away from the tower.

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded, then came up to the tower. He could see that it was a rather impressive tower. Not only was it constructed with special materials, it was even reinforced by a powerful Spirit Formation. If it were sealed, even he could not open it. However, since it was not sealed, Chu Feng gave a light push and the doors opened.

When he entered the tower, Chu Feng saw Lady Piaomiao. At that moment, her eyes were shut tight and she was sitting cross-legged. She was channeling power into a formation.
It was a Refining Formation. Within the formation, there were all sorts of odd ingredients being refined and merged together. Lady Piaomiao was concocting a pellet, and at that moment, judging by the quality of the materials within the formation, Chu Feng knew it was an extremely impressive pellet.

“You’ve come back. Have things been handled sufficiently well?” Lady Piaomiao didn’t open her eyes but knew Chu Feng had come.“Senior Piaomiao, thank you for your concern. Things have been handled well,” Chu Feng replied truthfully.

“Mm. Don’t need to be anxious. I called you over so hurriedly is actually because I have good news. I’ve already found the method to destroy the effects of the Heaven Gripping Pellet. The thing I’m concocting right now is the cure,” Lady Piaomiao said.