Malubhang Pagtagas ng Data ang Nangyari sa FBS !

Mga Balita sa Forex sa WikiFX (31 Marso 2021) - Users might expose highly sensitive data when trading on forex platforms. The WizCase security team recently reported a serious data breach while scanning FBS servers.To get more news about FBS, you can visit official website.

  FBS is one of the most popular online trading brokers in the world. So large is the number of traders on FBS that every 20 seconds, an FBS client submits a request to withdraw their profit. However, the WizCase team found that its server was left open without any password protection or encryption. Nearly 20TB of data was leaked comprising more than 16 billion records, such as transaction history, user names, account passwords, etc.

  The millions of records exposed by the leak could be used in fraudulent authentication across other platforms. They may be used to launch scams, phishing, malware attacks against FBS users, and business espionage.

  The incident is just the tip of the iceberg. Statistics show billions of personal records are leaked in the business sector almost every year. Such pieces of information are resold after being ticketed with the price, which has created a massive illegal industry.

  Traders should pay close attention to their information since private data leakage has been a serious issue worldwide. Investigate and compare brokers before trading so as to select a reliable one.