There are several reasons why someone wants to make their own chain mail armour (hauberk, coif, aventail etc). On the one hand, you can have a free hand in terms of the overall finished dimensions, materials and decorations. On the other hand, it is great to finally hold your self-made chain mail as an actual finished piece at the end.To get more news about chainmail hauberk, you can visit official website.

There is also the work itself. And no, we don’t want to gloss over anything that you may find difficult: Especially for beginners, the work at the beginning is not easy. You need patience, perseverance and to keep an eye on your handiwork as things progress. But once you’ve started, weaving chain mail has an almost meditative effect, and its creation is a great hobby that will give you many satisfying hours. Weaving chain mail is a great hobby. In this article, we will show you step by step how to knot the 4-in-1 pattern. Here we go!
It is recommended to start with a smaller chain mail armoured part, a coif or an aventail for example. You get a first feeling for the process of putting the mail links together, reflecting upon your own experiences and see your first successes relatively quickly. This can be followed by larger projects such as a Hauberk as well as using various different materials and weaving techniques.

Many of those who start their work do so in winter when the markets and the re-enactments are in hibernation. But the beauty of weaving is that you can basically always take your project with you anywhere and have it at hand. Even in summer, when you listen to the conversations at the medieval camp, or when you travel, if you find a small table and somewhere to sit you can continue. And as a rule, once you start, you can’t stop.Different historical weaving techniques have been handed down from different cultural circles. In the European Middle Ages, the so-called “4 in 1” pattern was the most common. As the name suggests, five rings are needed for this: four closed rings and one open, on which they are threaded before it is also closed.