Latest Perforated sheet screen featured buildings

The town hall in northwest France is covered with perforated metal mesh, developing a surface that becomes transparent and opaque alternatively under light in the night.To get more news about perforated metal ceiling, you can visit official website.

The building is recreated by LAN Architecture who has already handled gymnasium with copper hued facade and renovation of a Brutalist tower- made with municipal administration and training house for Saint Jacques de la Lande.The majority of the building’s walls are wrapped in the perforated steel skin, that provides protection from the sun and reveals and conceals various parts of the interior. The facades are featured by two layers that answer different requirements and complement the other excellently. In this structure, everything is overlapped, creating a distance, transparency, counter-light and reflection. Everything describes light and character.

The windows are featured with Angled shutters providing security from direct sunlight. The perforation density on steel panels changes on the base of their orientation to ensure that sufficient light reaches to internal structure.

This building creates a part of a combined – use regeneration project focused on developing a novel town center in Morinais. The building has an extension of an adjoining plaza, made of two simple geometric areas; it has a uniform aesthetic indeed to make it seem like a single unit when observed from two adjacent roads.

The building treats as a medium for social interactions. The structure of every side of this building develops a specific relationship with every bordering street. This stimulates the routine life of this place. The main area is included into a big glazed surface that provides a welcoming sense of transparency facing the public square. The square itself extends onto the roof of part of the project that develops the western boundary.

Stairs ascend from the plaza to the elevated rooftop terrace that is intended to perform as a belvedere, offering view out across the neighborhood. The rooftop area offers direct entrance to facilities on the building’s first floor, including a hall utilized for marriage and council meeting. On these events, the terrace can be utilized to conduct receptions.

The entrance is a beautiful double height reception area, offering extended area to the interior. This central void makes it straightforward to navigate among the areas of the offices that are located on this area.

A patio covered by glazed surface is included in the lower section on the building’s western edge, offering daylight to the near areas.