Illegal platforms are emerging, leaving eradication hard to finish. WikiFX blacklisted a batch of illegal forex platforms streaming newly, hoping all of you could nip them in the bud!To get more news about Illegal Forex Platform, you can visit official website.

  1. GUO TAI

  It boasts an AA license authorized by Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society (CGSE) in Hong Kong, China. However, please note that CGSE is a non-government supervisory institute whose approved licenses are not qualified or trustworthy!

  GUO TAI was hit by problems last year. Its customer service claimed that the enterprise was unable to deliver withdrawal service because its funds were embezzled by stakeholders. At present, the exposure platform of WikiFX is submerged by the customer complaints against GUO TAI for withdrawal failure. The accounts of some investors were even canceled automatically.

  Disclosed by GUO TAI staff, their salaries have been delayed for several months and the enterprise has been in the status of cancellation!

  At present, GUO TAI is still persuading customers into opening accounts and trading, which proves that its customer service didnt tell the truth! Investors are advised to be alert!

  2. Onoka

  WikiFX has received 22 customer complaints against Onoka for unavailable withdrawal in recent three months. All victims acquainted with swindlers of the platform through social networks were deceived into making deposits at the end. Onokas tricks have been extending to Thailand, the US, Malaysia, the Philippines, etc.

  As a reminder, please stay alert when making friends online and dont trust any investment advice!

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