There’s some evidence, largely from research funded by the tobacco industry, that heat not burn products may be less harmful than smoking. Studies suggest that the vapour from the devices contains lower levels of harmful chemicals compared to cigarette smoke. But those chemicals were still present at higher levels than usually found in e-cigarettes.To get more news about iqos, you can visit official website.

And importantly, unlike nicotine replacement therapies or e-cigarettes, heat not burn products still contain tobacco, so we don’t recommend people start using heated tobacco products.

“They are tobacco products and we do know the long-term effects of tobacco, including at least 15 types of cancer,” says Stephens.

It’s too soon to know how using heat not burn products will affect someone’s health in the long term. Research looking at these tobacco products is still in its early stages and is mostly funded by the tobacco industry, rather than independent researchers. This means the results may be less reliable, as the tobacco industry wants to promote their new products and has a long history of distorting their harm.There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking, as well as having the potential to help people quit smoking tobacco. But this evidence isn’t there for heated tobacco products.

If you’re looking to stop smoking, or stop using any form of tobacco, you’re around three times more likely to quit using NHS Stop Smoking Services compared to going it alone. These services can discuss the different options available and provide support to give you the best possible chance of quitting. If medication hasn’t worked for you in the past, they can also help you try an e-cigarette to quit.