Each of the four Covenants in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has their own home world, complete with secrets and treasures. Whether a player belongs to a certain Covenant or not, they are still able to access some of these hidden treasures, as long as they can complete the puzzle or otherwise perform the correct actions. Maldraxxus is one of the four regions, and it is home to the Necrolord Covenant. It is made up of four areas, called houses, with a fifth in the center called the Theater of Pain. This central location is also home to the Battlefront Ration Lockbox, and unlike many of the other available treasures, this one will only open with the help of a special key.To get more news about buy wow weapons, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Unlike the more complicated puzzle chests found in Torghast and other regions of the Shadowlands, getting the key and unlocking the Battlefront Lockbox is fairly simple. Players will either need to purchase the key or find it as a random loot drop from enemies nearby. The loot inside the Battlefront Ration Lockbox varies but might prove useful for players as they work through their Covenant's campaign and explore. Here's how to find the Battlefront Ration Lockbox and get the key to unlock in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

Players can find the Battlefront Ration Lockbox west of the Theater of Pain and southeast of the House of Constructs. The map above pinpoints the exact location. To open it, they will need the Battlefield Ration Key. Enemies in the area have a chance to drop the Key. Thalrix the Slicer, Pilfer Bur'tok, and Grabber Ga'shock are three undead NPC monsters who have a chance to drop this Key when defeated. All three of these enemies range from Level 51 to Level 60. Players can find all three of them at Spearhead near the Lockbox's location and the lake. Grabber Ga'shock is the nearest, located at the northmost tip of the lake. Thalrix the Slicer and Pilfer Bur'tok can both be found south of Grabber Ga'shock.

It can also be purchased from two merchants nearby if players want to speed up the process rather than leaving it to chance. The Key will cost them 1 gold from vendors. The first vendor is Atticus, located near Seat of the Primus. He sells all manner of oddities, including champions players can purchase using anima for their Mission Command Table adventures, foods, the Nidore Ocularis which allows players to see scents, and several other Keys.

If players would prefer not to travel quite as far, they can stop by Abomination, the other vendor. He can be found in the southern part of Theater of Pain. He sells mounts, companions, and some gear in addition to the Keys.

There are several other chests near the Spearhead that require other Keys to unlock. These are the Locked Toolbox Key and the Construct Supply Key. Both can be obtained either from the three enemies who sometimes drop the Battlefront Ration Key, or they can be purchased from Atticus or Abomination. Players may want to spend the Gold to grab all three keys and open all the chests at one time for maximum efficiency.