There are not many series in the gaming space quite like Overwatch. Its international cast, bright colors and polished look make Blizzard's MOBA-FPS hybrid stand out among many titles in either category. This whimsical display of science fiction and fantasy is largely due to the guidance of former director and Vice President of Blizzard Entertainment itself, Jeff Kaplan.To get more news about buy wow classic gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Unfortunately, a post on the official Blizzard website revealed that after 19 years, Kaplan has departed from the company. In a short note to his fans, Kaplan expressed his thanks to the developers who helped shape Overwatch into the eSports behemoth it is today. Now though, it's time to celebrate Kaplan himself and how his time on another game molded the Hero Shooter.Born in New Jersey but raised in California, Kaplan got his start with Everquest, a fantasy MMORPG. With no formal training to that point, he became a community figure known for map ideas and caught the eye of his guild leader, who fortuitously was a designer for Warcraft 3. So, Kaplan got his big break working on Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos as part of the QA team. From there, he would eventually become a quest designer who focused on raids and dungeons and then Game Director for World of Warcraft. He would later leave Warcraft entirely in 2009 to focus on the cancelled game Titan, which many know as the progenitor of 2016's Overwatch.

Kaplan's time with the Warcraft IP would remain a large influence on Overwatch itself. From its fantasy inspired skins to Blizzard World, an entire map devoted to Blizzard properties, Kaplan's aesthetics would remain constant throughout his tenure. Both Reinhardt and Torbjorn would both fit perfectly in the Warcraft universe, not to mention the many fantasy aesthetics that bare a striking resemblance to properties Kaplan had already worked with.

Aside from the looks of the game, the fusion of its role-playing aspects and strategy are both reflective of Kaplan's time on World of Warcraft. Both games are best enjoyed as cooperative experiences, with communication being essential throughout. From an overhead perspective, many Overwatch matches even resemble an MMORPG experience, with heavier tank characters near the front lines clashing against the enemy, and support characters in the back lines healing the team.

As a community head, Kaplan was synonymous Overwatch and nearly a part of the lore itself. Kaplan frequently embraced the Overwatch community and its wild sense of humor, often collaborating with content creators and giving players insights on where the game would be heading next. The title's influence can be found in many other shooters, such as new heavy hitters like Valorant all the way down to lesser known titles such as Paladins. Whether Kaplan was posting official update videos, having cameos in fan streams or making public appearances, he was a fixture of a community. Kaplan will be succeeded by Associate Director Aaron Keller.