The focus of this article is to create an identification guide for Green Bay Packer jerseys. For the years 1921-58, little information is available, and this article references material provided.To buy more Men Limited Packers Jerseys with cheap price, you can visit official website.

MEARS has a research trip scheduled at the Packers Hall of Fame in Green Bay, Wis. to conduct a study of the game-worn items on display.

For the years 1959-2005, I have chosen to list all characteristics of the jerseys for which MEARS evaluated since my first examples and data that supported this time frame. I have dissected the technical aspects of the jerseys and presented them in the following categories by year, and include tagging, coloring, numbering, striping, neckline, NOB, sleeve, length, material known, example and interesting facts.

When reading this article, some of the information may appear redundant, but during my research, I noticed subtle pattern differences that could only be detected by evaluating and researching each season’s jersey by the same category sets. For example, at first glance the numbering of the early 1960′s jerseys appear to be the same. However, upon closer examination, you will notice that the numbers for the 1965 season have indented serifs. During 1965, the indentation was removed from the serif numbers and by 1966 it was completely phased out.

This is a key factor in identifying jerseys that have been purported to have been worn during the 1966 Super Bowl season. Many additional nuances are identified and explained in the text of this article.
1925-26: Manufacturer unknown. First recorded uniform numbers; dark gold shirts with wide navy-blue strip covering shoulder and collar, cut off at the top of each arm; tall, gold leggings; light gold pants.

1927-28: Manufacturer unknown. Elaborate, jockey-like jerseys, with inverted triangle tracing clavicles and 13 blue and gold vertical stripes from chest to stomach; faded blue canvas pants; gold socks with two blue stripes.

1929-30: Manufacturer unknown. Jersey was blue in color with a circular chest emblem, which housed the players’ uniform number.