The global heat-not-burn (HnB) market is expected to witness a CAGR of 32.8%, according to the new report by Grand View Research, Inc. HnB device heats the tobacco to generate vapors like cigarettes. These device uses loaded e-liquid nicotine, with some quantity of real tobacco to offer authentic cigarette smoking to end-users. The product is attributed to be a safe alternative to regular smoking, while reducing the effect of second-hand smoking and minimizing exposure to airborne pollutants. The increasing popularity of HnB devices in countries such as South Korea, Japan, Germany, and other European countries is anticipated to boost the market share during the analysis timeline. Some of the most popular devices available in the market comprise iQOS, BAT’s Glo, Ploom TECH, and iFuse. Infused/hybrid and direct & indirect heating systems are two types of HnB devices.To get more news about Heat not burn, you can visit official website.

The growing adoption of tobacco vapor technology over conventional cigarettes and e-cigarettes is set to drive market expansion. The series of successful product and marketing tests in several pilot regions such as South Korea, Japan, and Switzerland is supporting vendors to identify their market potentials. Various prominent market players are investing in R&D activities to study the side-effects of cigarettes and e-cigarettes are driving focus on developing heat-not-burn devices.

On 7 July 2020, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially concluded and authorized the marketing of the smoking alternative IQOS, a product developed by Philip Morris International as a modified risk tobacco product. HTPs are devices that heat, instead of burn specifically-designed tobacco units to release a flavorful tobacco vapor containing nicotine. One of the most popular heated tobacco vapor products brand today is IQOS, which is an electronic tobacco-filled sticks device that is generates nicotine-containing aerosol. In a recent issuance by the US FDA, the commercialization of IQOS was approved in the U.S. Another heat-not-burn technology platform called Omura uses pre-filled Flowersticks is set to revolutionize the whole flower cannabis consumption and will hit stores in October 2020,