The strip curtain has P10.4mm and P15.6mm options. For outdoor media display, it can achieve nearly 10,000 pixels per square meter.To get more news about scale mesh curtain, you can visit official website.

It can let the wind go through. Furthermore, by adopting aluminum materials. It has very good heat dissipation. No-airconditioner is available even for a large-scale thousands square meters led curtain wall.Thanks to using High brightness DIP 1R1G1B as one pixel, it can get super high brightness of 10,000 nits (cd/m²).

In most situations, 7,000 nits is enough. But for the special areas with too strong direct sunlight, the video can’t be seen without 10,000 nits.With a wide working temperature -30℃ to 80℃, the led strip curtain can work well in the extreme cold or hot weather.

The full aluminum materials and hollowed-out design make the cabinet lightweight, around 7KG.And by using ultra-small power supply and micro controlling slave card, the cabinet thickness is very thin.

As a result, it is easy to install and dismantle the curtain screen on a high building facade.For any pitch led strip curtain, full front service including front installation and front maintenance is available.

When you have not big space on the back for installation or the curtain wall is over the glass or window, the front service led curtain screen gives you the opportunity to make it into reality.Because of its lightweight and easy-installation structure, it doesn’t need to make a heavy and complex structure to support the curtain screen.

When you build any media facade, the cost not only includes the led mesh screen, but also the support frame, shipping and installation cost.The high brightness gold-wire led lamps and the PFC high-efficiency power supply both help the led curtain reduce the power consumption.

Meanwhile, by adopting the static scanning and low-energy technology, 3CINNO led curtain screen can show high brightness videos without consuming as much energy as the traditional led display.Contemporary malls, theme park buildings or some iconic buildings like to be built with circle shape. After decorating with the circle transparent led curtain screen, it can have a wider viewing angle and attract many more audiences.