SWR Green Wall Trellis kits are designed to transform your current buildings fascia, external walls, fences and other surfaces into a modern and thriving green wall. Combining practical straightforward installation with a high quality product, the trellis kits come in pre-defined sizes which are ready for immediate use. Being a wire rope specialist with vast experience, SWR has leant on its expertise and used the highest quality materials in order to ensure that the product is perfect for all green wall trellis applications. Whether this is for domestic or commercial projects our trellis kits are ideally suited to provide the finished product you require. The Trellis kits also allow for flexibility in terms of the spacing of wire, orientation of the wire and overall size of your green wall trellis.To get more news about rope mesh green wall, you can visit mesh-fabrics.com official website.
Kit Contents
Length of Wire Rope
Green Wall Hubs
No. 12 Woodscrews
Wire Rope Rubber End Caps
Wire Rope Cutters