Aim of the report is to examine existent heating solutions for cannabis heated sticks, answer the question are they the copy-cats of existent tobacco heat-not-burn devices or use their own technology solution.In this report, we provide complete data about technical parameters, and results of professional tests of cannabis-related e-devices, review the internal structure of cannabis heated sticks.To get more news about Heat not burn, you can visit hitaste official website.

In the result of analysis, we had a complete technical view on all current aspects of cannabis heat-not-burn technology development. During the cannabis e-devices teardown were found technological innovation earlier never met in conventional tobacco heat-not-burn industry.

Classic heat-not-burn industry driven by big tobacco giants has a lot of developments and real products like IQOS and Heets, glo and Neosticks and so on. Using the successful format of heated products like Heets, certain cannabis companies in USA and Canada launched their own heat-not-burn products in cannabis vaporizers industry. Well known, that vaporization temperature of tobacco material and cannabis or hemp differs in temperature and heating curve.

Thus, range of temperature for tobacco heated material in existent tobacco heated products is 240-350 C, meanwhile for regular dry herb cannabis flower recommended temperatures for vaporization is 160-180C (CBD activation), and near 157C for THC activation. The recommended temperature for isolating cannabinoids imposes certain technological restrictions to design of vaporization technologies for cannabis heated sticks, as well as for conventional dry herb cannabis vaporizers.