Wire mesh is commonly used for glass laminated, with results both functional and decorative.To get more news about wire mesh laminated glass, you can visit boegger.net official website.
The metal mesh is applied in flat panels sealed between two glass sheets joined by polymer films or in wrinkled panels assembled into double glazing, between two glass plates separated by a gap hermetic with air or insulating gas.

Metal mesh can be used for the production of glass facades for public and private environments, providing thermal insulation, protection from heat and cold, shading function and aesthetic decoration.

Even in the field of design, the use of original metal textures MetalDesign can reinvent furnishing glass (tables, desks, doors for furniture, lamps, shelves) with innovation and originality and can renew the look of glazed surfaces of showers, doors, railings and walls.Goldray has combined a mix of glass and metalized meshes to create one of the most stunning architectural products available today. Goldray Glass is pleased to offer a range of aluminum, gold and copper mesh laminated glass products. Fused between glass, these mesh interlayer weaves and patterns can be spacious and loose or tightly woven, and can be applied in exterior glass curtain walls as part of an effective daylighting strategy. Many of the materials can be printed with UV resistant colorant added to improve design strength.