Material of welding platform: Hardness of high strength cast iron HT200-300 working face is HB170-240. After two manual treatments (artificial annealing 600-700 degrees and natural aging 2-3 years), the product has stable precision and good wear resistance.To get more news about T-Slot Plate, you can visit cntrueplate official website.

Accuracy of welded plate: According to the National Standard Metrological Verification rules, they are 0, 1, 2 and 3 grades respectively.

In the production process of welding platform, there will be weight deviation. Often, the design of the welding platform takes into account the casting error and the mechanical processing error. The weight error of the cast iron platform should not exceed 10%. When the weight error exceeds 10%, the quality of the welding platform should be further evaluated to determine whether the cast iron platform can be put into use.