Central is of course a modern refinement furnance, the latest model “Fire God Type III” developed by Empyrean Terminus Sect a year ago!To get more news about Forty Millenniums of Cultivation latest chapterForty Millenniums of Cultivation, you can visit freewebnovel official website.

Dare to be named “Firegod Zhurong“, you can see Empyrean Terminus Sect‘s confidence in this refinement furnance.Around Fire God Type III, it looks like a Hundred Smelting Sect ironing room, with iron felt, furnace and quenching tank, and several furnace cauldrons made of Li Yao by ancient method.

First use modern Artificer technique to refine the components, and then use Hundred Smelting Sect secret skill, secondary forging, processing, fine carving, tempered under myriad hammers, this is the unique Artificer method of Li Yao.In this way, Li Yao performed modification on Mystic Skeleton Battle Armor.

As a mass-produced Crystal Armor, equipped with large-scale troops, the performance of Mystic Skeleton Battle Armor is barely enough.But as an exclusive Crystal Armor, with your birth and death, and even one day to go to Secret Star to explore, it may be lacking.

With the improvement of strength, especially after the peak of Qi Refining Stage, Li Yao feels more and more unwilling when driving Mystic Skeleton Battle Armor.It’s like a brave man with a tiger’s back. When using swing down with a reed as a weapon, he can’t exert his full strength, and worry about whether it will break.

Therefore, in the past six months, Li Yao has purchased a large amount of Heavenly Material and Earthly Treasure, and has carried out a mad “magical alteration” on Mystic Skeleton Battle Armor.After his transformation, except for the classic ♂↖ frame structure, everything has changed dramatically.

The key parts are all blended with Heavenly Material and Earthly Treasure and reinforced with various Artificer secret skill such as “Sea Dragon Scale, Sevenfold Heavens, invisible print”.

Reactor Core has also been replaced with the most advanced model refined with Heavenly Material and Earthly Treasure, but the design of the pressure valve has been retained. If necessary, Spiritual Energy in Reactor Core can be used directly to launch a fatal blow.At first glance. No different from ordinary Mystic Skeleton Battle Armor, even more rough and wild, with a taste of rampage.