The one who had been following and hunting Li Lingfeng at the heartland of the Imperium of True Human Beings against all rules was actually Li Linghai, his biological sister and the queen of the Imperium!To get more news about Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, you can visit freewebnovel official website.

It was a shocking, unexpected but perfectly reasonable answer.Who else except the queen of the Imperium could boast the capabilities to crush Li Lingfeng the moment they met and forced him to escape in desperation?

Li Yao was full of curiosity for the queen of the Imperium who was suspected to be his foster father’s “lover” in the past.

He knew that ever since Wuying Qi, a man of the time, rose unstoppably a thousand years ago and established the Imperium of True Human Beings, there had never been an emperor as dominating as “Blackstar the Great” in the Imperium.

The emperors that followed were worse and worse. Also, because of the natural restraints of the vastness of the universe, the imperial authority had been collapsing the whole time.

Today, the emperor had already been marginalized, and the warlords were rising and almost dissecting the Imperium.The emperors had to be elected by the four “Kurfürsten”. Naturally, they were under the control of the powerful warlords as puppets.

Li Linghai, as the queen of the Imperium, was naturally a tool for the four Kurfürst families to monitor and control the emperor.However, from Li Lingfeng’s lines, it was not hard to tell that the queen of the Imperium did not seem willing to submit to her fate as a “surveillance tool”, and she had her own ambitions!

Also, if the emperor were only a puppet of the warlords, how could he have commanded the army to secure such a strategic triumph in the frontline against the Covenant Alliance?

Even if it was part of the Covenant Alliance’s scheme of “retreating for a better attacking position”, as Li Yao and the deputy commander of the Black Wind Fleet had speculated before, the emperor’s leadership over the army of the Imperium was certainly unquestionable. In the enormous counterattack of the Imperium that lasted years, what kind of role had Queen Li Linghai been playing, and what was she up to exactly?