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HotForex | “Virtual to Real” demo contest


  Registration open: all year 2021

  Contest starts: every month

  Real forex trader - doesn't make all their money off courses so they barely brag besides when their charting analysis goes as planned.

  ● Forex scammers - are always focused on marketing so they can attract people to buy their course and make money off them & usually also persistent with people when people are interested in their course.

  Most forex scammers come from wealthy family's but usually tells made up stories on social media to trick people into thinking they were poor before forex, and that forex is the reason why they're rich. Not only do these scammers focus on selling courses but they too sell so called trading “softwares”, which usually never work! Trading on your own is much better than trading with these softwares that usually generate little to no money at all.

  In conclusion, becareful of the forex industry in South Africa there are many scammers desperate for you to take their course, signals or softwares. All the information about forex can be found on the internet. If you are looking for a proper forex mentor, instead of looking at the traders lifestyle, look at the traders work ethic.