This product is used to produce fresh egg liquid, the egg shell can be opened, the egg white and egg yolk flow out into the egg liquid tank, and the egg shell falls off into the shell container.To get more news about egg breaking machine, you can visit dinneregg official website.
The height of the special egg beater can be adjusted according to the size of the egg to be beaten, to ensure that the egg is 100% opened, and it can be adapted to a variety of egg specifications.
The equipment adopts touch screen control, which can display the number and number of eggs and the speed of the eggs. 1. Continuous eggshell breaking function Continuously breaking eggshells is a work that imitates manual egg beating. The egg liquid does not touch any broken egg parts to break the eggshell and break it apart, which has a high degree of hygiene. 2. Continuous separation of egg white and yolk function Continuous separation of egg whites and yolks is the continuous separation of egg whites and yolks by the gap separation method to separate the egg whites and yolks and divert them to their respective containers. The egg white and egg yolk separation device can be installed according to the needs, and the egg white and egg yolk are then passed through the separation tank for separation. Use range of egg cracking machine/egg separator: Bakery, cake factory, egg pastry and other production enterprises.