Dr. Armand Balboni, CEO of Appili Therapeutics has announced that his company is working with FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical on its favipiravir treatment, which is approved in Japan as an antiviral drug, on a new front for the drug — the global search for a pandemic treatment that can both prevent and treat COVID-19.To get more news about Favipiravir, wisepowder official website is the best place for you.

Appili Therapeutics will sponsor the first clinical trial, phase 2, evaluating favipiravir for the prevention of COVID-19, as it has shown early efficacy against this disease. Appili is working with Canadian government agencies and infectious disease specialists to conduct the clinical trial at multiple long-term care facilities across Ontario.

Dr. Balboni worked with the drug when he was with the US department of defense and with the FDA during the pandemic flu and Ebola outbreaks. The treatment is administered orally, and not by injection, making it easier on patients.
The last decisive Russian Ministry of Health-approved clinical trial included 330 patients and is led by I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Lomonosov Moscow State University and other centers. Based on recent news out of Russia, after just ten days into the study the drug evidenced safety with no new side effects or adverse events.
The drug has showed a median cut of the median duration of the illness by over half from 9-days with standard therapy down to 4-day with the investigational drug Avifavir. With an 80% efficacy and evidence of high antiviral effect, Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), reported, “It was developed and tested in clinical trials in Russia in an unprecedented short period of time, enabling Avifavir to become the first registered drug based on Favipiravir in the world.”
A review of Clinicaltrials.gov reveals at least 20 ongoing or planned clinical trials involving the use of Favipiravir in association with COVID-19 patients.