The STAALKAT brand name that has represented high quality for over sixty two years will be replaced in the market with the brand name SANOVO.To get more news about Egg cleaning machine, you can visit dinneregg official website.
The brand name STAALKAT might become part of our history, but the team, the machines, the service and the quality…everything stays the same.
The STAALKAT brand started over 60 years ago with Mr. D van Katwijk, who wanted to start a production of high quality egg grading machines. He named his machines STAALKAT and the brand has been well-known for its high quality ever since.
The technology used in the machines has developed rapidly through the years, making the machines more efficient, with higher capacities, but the passion for offering high quality machinery stays the same. The name change to SANOVO will continue to carry the STAALKAT passion for high quality egg grading machines.