A few months ago, Blizzard released World of Warcraft Classic, introducing nine classes with different features and skills, of which Shaman is one having 3 talent specializations: elemental, enhancement and restoration, while PVP battle is the main content running through every phase of WOW Classic, so today's topic is the early PVP Guide for Shaman Class.To get more news about cheap WoW Classic items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.
Elemental: Shaman can cause continuous damage from afar with Lightning Bolt, which is occasionally followed by Chain Lightning and Earth Shock for massive burst.
Enhancement: This expands Shaman's burst damage, especially in melee and randomly, where Windfury Weapon is essential to gain.
Restoration: Shaman focuses on supporting the allies, both through Totems and healing spells, especially Lesser Healing Wave.
Beyond these basic talents of Shaman, players can also make PVP Shaman Builds according to their needs.

Shaman is actually frightening class, it is good at using Windfury Totem to strengthen the damage of allies, meanwhile, it will significantly increase burst damage by using Purge and Earth Shock, even maintain most of the healing ability.
And the Shaman with Lightning Bolt from a range could support the allies with Totems and heals in the case of emergency, when needed, the Ancestral Healing and Improved Reincarnation can provide a much bigger impact on the gameplay than the alternatives with the support of Healing Wave, Nature's Swiftness and Mana for Totems.
Enhancement PVP Talent Build
The main goal for enhancement PVP talent build is to get close and personal with Stormstrike and another two-hand weapon. Once activate the Windfury Weapon, it can be easy to remove 50% of the target's health bar, and finish off the remaining health on the enemy with Earth Shock or Frost Shock.
If you don't think it is enough, feel free to use Enhancing Totems for more group support potential, which could make boost for the whole team.