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Bullitt County resident Sarah Whitlow was one of those residents who thought she had hit the jackpot.When I looked at it, 'I won! I won!' -- and I was so happy," she said. "I looked at it more closely. I won two -- both games. They are individually gamed and I just started crying because, earlier this year, I fell off a ladder and it broke all of my ribs."

Still healing from her injuries, Whitlow thought she hit it big, winning $64,000. But that happiness turned to heartbreak.The Kentucky Lottery says the game vendor, International Game Technology, did a software update back in October that caused an estimated 500 Tic Tac Cash game tickets to be printed with the wrong symbols.

The Fast Play game works like a scratch-off, where players match symbols to see if they've won a prize, but the invalid tickets had symbols or images that weren't part of the game.IGT declined an interview, but released a brief written statement:

"IGT and the Kentucky Lottery have resolved the temporary issue that impacted some of the Tic Tac Cash games purchased at Kentucky Lottery vending machines on October 18, 2020 and the morning of October 19, 2020."

The state law which governs Kentucky Lottery operations says, "No prize shall be paid arising from claimed tickets … that are produced or issued in error."