Detailed Information For Ring Mesh Curtain

Ring mesh curtain, also named as chainmail curtain or metal ring mesh, is an emerging type of architectural decorative curtain. Ring mesh curtains consist of linked metal rings together. Compared with individually-welded rings, the linked pattern has supple and free-flowing sheets. These features make the curtain easy to pass through.To get more news about ring mesh curtain, you can visit official website.

Ring mesh curtain is a kind of popular and functional metal chain curtain in the market. Many thousands of individual rings combine together to form a huge mesh curtain. And the ring mesh curtain is flexible,it can be used in various ways: twisted, bent, elongated or strained, it is still intact without deformation.

Compared with metal coil curtain, chain link curtain it has a high tensile strength that can withstand great tension. Ring mesh curtain has been recognized by more and more customers, on one hand, its excellent properties like high tensile strength and rust resistance ensure it has longer service time than ordinary curtain, on the other hand, it has beautiful appearance with low maintenance advantage that can be used as internal and external decoration, partition curtain wall, window treatments, lamp decoration, etc.