Metal bead chain curtain is composed with metal hollow beads. It is solid and durability. Shimmer antique bronze color metal bead chain curtain is the ideal solution for architects and designers looking to transform their vision into reality.To get more news about metal bead curtain, you can visit official website.

First, please find the technical features of metal bead chain curtain:
1. The metal bead chain curtain is made of fine steel, a economical material; It is composed by metal hollow beads and it is flexible and durable;
More features of metal bead chain curtain:
1. Good drooping and can drop naturally;
2. Matte white color plated, a clean color, will not fade for a long time;
3. It is rustproof in the common air condition;
4. Solid curtain, easy to install, and no harm to the roof.

And then, please find the application of metal bead chain curtain:
1. As home decoration, the metal bead chain curtain can be used as:
2. Door & window curtain: Consisted of metal bead chain, so the bead chain curtain is convenient for people or pets through.
3. Room divider: As room divider, the bead chain curtain will not create a barrier for the air or light.
4. Curtain wall: As curtain wall, the bead chain curtain just as waterfall for you curtain, you will get amazing desire from it.