I’d be interested in knowing if any wristband sensor could either vibrate or make a sound if someone were to raise a hand to touch his or her face. This could potentially reduce the rate of COVID-19 infection. Is such a product available on the market?To get more news about rfid wristbands, you can visit bestrfidcard official website.
It’s a great idea, but I am unaware of any RFID wristbands that could do this. It could be created, of course, but you probably wouldn’t need RFID for this since there would be no need to identify the person. Someone could, for instance, build a wristband with an accelerometer that would sound an alert if it were lifted 180 degrees.

rfid wristbands could be employed if you wanted to avoid any false alarms, such as if you merely raised your hand above your head to exercise. You could put a tag near your face, on a pair of glasses or in the neck of your shirt. The wristband could have a small HF reader module in it, and if your hand moved too close to your face, it would buzz. The reader module would need to be calibrated so the alarm wouldn’t go off as a hand passed the tag, but rather only if it remained there for a second longer. That would make sure you were actually about to touch your face, as opposed to merely reaching your hand above your head. Again, though, such a product is not available in the RFID market, to my knowledge.