1. 3D Welding Fixture

3D Flexible Welding Table & Fixtures is a newly widely-used welding tool, which enjoy modularity,standardization & reusability. Mainly used for welding clamping & locating of steel structures and other product assembling & fabrications.It replaced traditional dedicated fixtures with its high efficientcy /precision / convenience.To get more news about welding table, you can visit cntrueplate official website.

2. Product features & classification

a. According to working surfaces, tables has two types: 2D & 3D Welding table.

b. 2D Welding table has only one working surfaces and been precision machined.

3D Welding table has 5 precision machined working surfaces (1 top+4 side surfaces).

c. According to hole size of tables, they are divided into 3 series—D16/D22/D28.

d. D16 tables: Hole diameter is 16mm; Hole spacing to each other is 50±0.05mm;Grid system 50x50mm on table top, Plate thickness is 14mm.

e. D22 tables: Hole diameter is 22mm; Hole spacing to each other is 75±0.05mm;Grid system 50x50mm on table top, Plate thickness is 18.5mm.

f. D28 tables: Hole diameter is 28mm; Hole spacing to each other is 100±0.05mm;Grid system 50x50mm on table top, Plate thickness is 23.5mm.

h. Material of welding tables: Steel Q345(Mn16) and Cast irons(HT300).And all plates are with reinforcing ribs on the underneath side.Choosing and using of Welding fixtures

a. Welding tables are chosen & used according to the size, shape and weight of weldments.Sheet metals and small steel structures are mostly chosen D16 series welding tables to use. D28 series welding table are mostly for big steel structures and heavy-duty machinery industry.Yahanda suggest choosing D22 series welding tables for weldments which sizes & shapes are variable and changing greatly.