Whether you are looking for some privacy, a way to cover storage, or just a fun party theme idea, beaded curtains for doorways can accentuate any home. Utilizing these beautiful creations can help personalize and brighten any space.To get more news about metal bead curtain, you can visit mesh-fabrics.com official website.

Beaded curtains are beautiful and decorative, although there are a few drawbacks to using them in your doorways.

While beaded curtains complement many types of décor, they don't necessarily work with all decorating styles. For instance, door beads would look awkward hung in a Tuscan style kitchen doorway or anywhere in a Colonial style home. However, the following styles can definitely be considered for this accent:

Although almost any material suits this free-spirited decorating style, go for color. Metallic beads, iridescent glass or acrylic beads, rainbow curtains or colorful painted wood beads would all complement Bohemian style, which welcomes unconventional looks, wild patterns, and creative, artistic expression.Any room decorated with 1960s or 1970s influences makes a perfect fit for door beads. Curtains made from natural materials were very common in this era, such as wood, bamboo and seashells. Macramé beaded curtains were also popular. Acrylic beads in various shapes and sizes in orange, green, red and blue made frequent door accents. Painted psychedelic motifs would work well in a retro room.

Any type of beaded curtain works with eclectic style. Tie the curtain in with your decorating scheme by repeating an accent color or using a texture that complements the other décor.

Hipster style is all about vintage and retro décor, so a beaded curtain is a natural fit. An authentic vintage curtain would be the premium choice of a hipster room, or perhaps a curtain made from re-purposed, thrift store jewelry. An eco-friendly bamboo curtain would also fit with the hipster lifestyle.

Modern style rooms typically feature sleek, shiny surfaces, so choose door beads with a lot of shine and sparkle, such as metallic beads, glass beads and acrylic beads. Go for mirrored beads in shapes such as circles, squares, hoops, or bubbles. Look for curtains that form interesting, fluid patterns such as rain, or use a metal chain curtain for an industrial look.