WOW Classic Gold is needed in everything from purchasing basic equipment like food and water, repairing your gear after a hard day’s adventure, and even buying trinkets and gizmos to have some fun,In WOW Classic there are several ways to make Gold, U4GM would like to introduce a few of them in this guide.To get more news about buy WoW items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.
Change your trade skill into two gathering skills if you see that your trade skill doesn’t bring much profit, in fact, trade skills mostly bring very few profit because there are just too many high-level crafters with the time progressing.
Leveling trade skills or gathering skills in WOW Classic is really not hard, at high level, it requires maybe 2–3 days of work to max skill. If there was really some big profit to make with enchanting/leatherworking/smithing/tailoring, don’t you think that other people who can spend more time than you online each day, would have already long ago maxed those trade skills and started to flood the market with items?
In fact they did; actually shortly after people start to hit 60 on a new server people start to exploit all possible ways to make Gold to the maximum, so you got two possibilities to make Gold. You can find a niche, a little secret way of making Gold, which is extremely profitable but which is not known (well) by other players. As long as your secret stays one, you will continue to make nice Gold, but be sure that you won't find such a secret on any public forums as spoiling it would also ruin the profit from it. (As soon as people know a way to make Gold, many starts to provide the same sort of item and flood the market with it = decrease of demand = decrease of price = no profit for you)
The second way, which is an interesting way for us, is to provide the market with items that are needed on a large base and that is always demanded. What are those items in general? Right! Ingredients for trade skills.
Step 2 — Choose your Gathering Skill
Almost every trades killer won't, at some point, be able to provide himself with all the ingredients he needs. The more people there are who stick to their trade skills and don’t want to give them up, the better the profit will be for you. This is why you should choose two gathering skills (cannot choose more than two).
People will ask themselves now… but wait, if I give up my trade skill I won’t be able to make myself armor anymore? For that problem there is a simple solution, use mostly drop/quest items. If you use items that drop instead of crafted items, you won't be much behind (the difference between items you can make and items you find at your level while questing and hunting are mostly very small) and also you will be able to concentrate fully on gathering ingredients which you will sell on the AH. This way you will — in a short and fast way — make a lot more Gold than any crafter and will eventually be able to buy yourself any crafted item (if you should really want one).
Now there is only one problem, which gathering skills to choose?
Well, this is really your choice and depends on the economy of your server, but We will try to make a general list of the gathering skills, ranking them by how much profit they generate, helping you to get an overview.