Architectural ring mesh can be interconnected in three modes

Ring mesh is a kind of network structure, the devices in the network are interconnected into closed loops, some even more than one closed loop. When any node on the network fails, the network is disconnected, and the connected devices can still work through other ways, such as the urban power supply system, Internet and other network structures. For example, there are two transmission lines in the power plant, one on the left and one on the right, which supply power to users along the way. The two lines converge in the middle to form a ring mesh. As long as there is only one line disconnected, the power supply is still normal. It can be seen that ring mesh improves the reliability of power supply. Of course, the actual connection and control are not so simple.To get more news about architectural ring mesh, you can visit official website.

Architectural ring mesh refers to both physical ring topology and logical topology, in which the traffic is completely based on the forwarding rules of IEEE 802.1 specification. It supports point-to-point, multipoint to multipoint and point to multipoint services, including private line and virtual private line. It supports various modes of communication, including unicast, multicast and broadcast, and can prevent data disorder and duplication.
For the interconnection of architectural ring mesh, architectural ring mesh can be interconnected through three modes: shared node, link composed of two shared nodes, and multi ring / layer network formed by overlapping architectural ring mesh. Services can be transmitted end-to-end through interconnected architectural ring mesh.