Architectural Cascade Coil Drapery - Metal Coil Curtain

Architectural cascade coil drapery, also known as metal coil curtain, is usually made from stainless steel wire or aluminum alloy wire, and the surface is electropolished, electrophoresed, painted, anodized, or spray painted. It can also be painted into various colors to match different architectural styles and designs. So it is an ideal decorative product for designers and .To get more news about metal coil curtain, you can visit official website.

Because of its gorgeous appearance, excellent rust resistance, and easy installation, metal coil drapery has unique uses in the field of architectural decoration, such as interior curtains, hotel halls, concert halls and lobby ceiling decorations, restaurant space divider or separators, exterior window cladding and wall coverings, fireplace mesh screens and shower curtains in the bathroom, etc. Metal coil curtain not only meet the decorative purpose, but also create excellent visual effect and comfortable atmosphere.