Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Green wall is becoming more and more popular in modern buildings and it has become a new method for greening in recent years. So what is stainless steel rope mesh green wall? It’s that people use stainless steel rope mesh to plant the green plants on the wall or in large buildings,so that the green wall can provide an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for the professionals of building design and construction. Architects can come true a variety of innovation on the construction of buildings with the help of stainless steel rope mesh.To get more news about rope mesh green wall, you can visit official website.
stainless steel rope mesh green wall can offer a large number of advantages below:
1.Suitable for all environment even the harshest environment, like heavy snow, rain and gale.
2.Improves buildings' thermal performance, because it can help regulate the building temperature.
3.Protect the building wall from graffiti effectively.
4.Absorb the smoke dust near the building, namely it can fresh the air near the building.
5.Flexible, so that it can be installed on any structures.
6.Plants and stainless steel rope mesh make a whole which is not only beautiful but also practical.
7.resistant to rust even though it suffers from sunlight, rain and fog.