Teens are currently using a wide range of devices that allow them to vape undetected, right under the noses of parents and teachers.To get more news about Best Smoking Alternative, you can visit univapo official website.

Often, these vaping products are disguised to look like common household objects such as watches, writing pens, and even clothes. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has certainly noticed. The agency announced today it has sent 10 warning letters to companies who manufacture or import “unauthorized electronic nicotine delivery systems.” 1. Hoodies Hooded sweatshirts are a staple in most teen wardrobes so it probably won’t arouse suspicion when your teen shows up at breakfast one morning wearing a new one, but it should.

Vape hoodies are a popular way to hide vape pens, allowing teens to vape anywhere, even in class, without being detected. 2. Backpacks These days backpacks are more than just a way to carry books and laptops to and from school. They can also conceal teen vaping. Vaping backpacks generally contain a pouch to hold the vaping device with concealed tubing and a mouthpiece in the shoulder strap allowing it to be pulled out for use as desired and then tucked discreetly away.

3. Phone cases With smartphones being found in the hands of most teens these days, you may not even think twice about them getting a new phone case, but be aware that their latest accessory could also disguise a vaping habit. Vaping phone cases fit over a smartphone just like a normal case, but with a big difference: You can attach an atomizer to it and vape e-liquids.

4. Pens While many vape pens are called “pens” simply because their size and shape closely resemble a pen, there are also vape pens that are purposely designed to look like pens in order to hide their true function. In fact, there are even vape pens on the market that have been cleverly designed to actually function as a writing implement. All the user has to do is unscrew the top of the pen, insert a cartridge and then vape through the top of the pen.

5. Smart watches While they may look like a smart watch at first glance, and even tell you the time and date, a press of a button allows the user to remove a pod from the watchband which can be used as a vape. 6. USB drives Devices like the Juul brand of e-cigarette, which closely resembles a USB drive, have become a very popular option for teens to hide their vaping. All they need to do is toss it in their backpack, and unsuspecting parents are none the wiser that the device isn’t a USB drive with data needed for homework.