Having grown up in a Chinese-American household in which most of my dinners included a bowl of rice and all of my meals were eaten with chopsticks, Chinese food has always been so ingrained in my everyday life that I never imagined getting tired of it. But after living in Shanghai for a couple of years, the impossible happened to me: I got sick of Chinese food. To get more news about Best places to eat in Shanghai China, you can visit shine news official website.

Lucky for me, Shanghai’s food scene is extremely diverse due to the large number of foreigners who come to the city and open up their own restaurants. Here’s a list of 15 places to eat in Shanghai if you’re craving some non-Chinese food in China!
Looking to get your money’s worth in food? For just under $30, you can order four specialty tapas at this brilliant new Michelin Guide-rated restaurant. Trained in San Sebastián, Spain, head chef Sergio Moreno truly outdoes himself with the Mushroom Pâté and Vegetable Egg Skillet.

Located in a slightly hard-to-find square of popular foreign restaurants near Wu Jiang Lu, this Turkish restaurant has some of the best lahmacun in town. Also be sure to try the zucchini pancakes – they taste better than they look.

A summer favorite, Bowl’d is my go-to place for basic açaí bowl photos. Although the small store doesn’t have many options, I suggest getting the Fancy Berry smoothie bowl and adding extra fruit and toppings the next time you visit to switch things up.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth like me, CinnaSwirl has got you covered. This place has some of the softest, sweetest cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had. But if you’re in the mood for something else, they’ve also got two flavors of ice cream: Vanilla and CinnaSwirl.

Conveniently located right next door to CinnaSwirl, Co. Cheese Melt Bar is a hungover expat’s paradise. Open every day from 11:30am – 10pm, this cozy little bar offers a large variety of greasy, extra cheesy grilled cheese sandwiches. My personal favorite is the Ham, Mustard, Homemade pickles, and Swiss cheese sandwich, but if you’re looking for the best comfort food, I’d go with the Kraft Mac & Cheese, Cheddar sandwich.

A little bit more on the expensive side, Garlic Turkish Restaurant offers a fairly large selection of authentic Turkish foods. While I’m not usually a fan of lamb, their Pilavli Kuzu Kaburga is incredibly savory and well-cooked. But the real star here is the pide. No matter which kind you order, their Turkish pizza is sure to leave you satisfied.

Whenever I’m craving some good old American sweets, Gracie’s Ice Cream is the first place I look. The Beekeeper’s Secret is a unique blend of flavors – white chocolate, ginger, and honey – that’s just the right amount of sweetness. But this diner is best known for its Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes, which are the fluffiest, most fragrant pancakes I’ve eaten since I moved away from Princeton’s famous PJ’s Pancake House.

Located on Da Gu Lu and surrounded by foreign bars, this Spanish tapas restaurant is the perfect spot to chill, eat, and grab drinks with some friends. #SpoonTip: Come with a group so you can try as many pintxos as possible, and don’t forget to try the smoked salmon one!

Given its location on the Bund, Light & Salt is both fancier and pricier than the others on this list. It’s a great place for afternoon tea or a classy birthday dinner, and the view is not bad either. While you’re there, try the scallops or the steak.

One of my all time favorites, Little Catch is a cute little poke bowl shop that uses the freshest ingredients Shanghai has to offer. My go-to order is the Dynamite Tuna Poke but the classic Hawaiian and Salmon Poke bowls are must-tries as well.