10 Best World Of WarCraft News Sources

With a community of millions and one of the largest games on the planet, news revolving around the MMORPG World of WarCraft and its owner, Blizzard-Activision, is highly sought after. News articles for WoW get so many hits, people devote their lives in full-time positions to curate content surrounding the massive title and its community.To get more news about buy wow classic gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Between the large swaths of information released and so many individuals & entities creating content, it's difficult to find the best news among the rabble. Most players have their own go-to sources, but over the years, some news outlets closed and newer, better ones rose in their place. There are still great news sites and podcasts thriving, however, just vying for attention.

Players looking for technical news on content updates, class changes, and more, look no further than Wowhead. It's a massive website filled with up-to-date class guides, dungeon and raid guides, the latest news, and a massive database of every item, quest, & NPC in the game. There's even a "Blue" tracker, watching for the latest updates from official Blizzard posts and replies in the forums, worldwide.

Wowhead is nearly a one-stop-shop for many players as it houses everything they need. It's often one of the first to break news in the WarCraft community, as well as the first to report interesting findings in new updates.While he and his team received backlash over recent opinions on the Shadowlands beta, Bellular Gaming continues to be a top source for breaking news, especially on the corporate side. Over the years, host Michael built interesting connections with the European Blizzard team. They, along with other sources, feed him the latest information on what's happening behind closed doors that might impact the game.

Michael also lands insightful interviews with Blizzard higher-ups, such as Ion Hazzikostas, Game Director of World of WarCraft. Additionally, he and the team create lore videos to keep their community up-to-date with the latest story changes in new expansions as well as educating them on older lore.