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«My mission is to produce the highest quality gold available in the market, make it easily accessible to the masses of honest people around the world at a price point everyone can afford. My goal is help millions find financial freedom…»

Harald Seiz, the founder and CEO of Gold Standard, has accumulated over 30 years of experience in the financial industry. A talented economist, Harald Seiz began his career as a financial advisor at the age of 19. He quickly achieved success in this area and became an independent advisor to several leading companies in the industry. At that time the expertise and strategic thinking of Harald Seiz helped to grow many companies towards success. However, alongside with the decisiveness and quick reaction in entrepreneurship, Harald Seiz envisioned that financial development should be based on stability. Furthermore, he was inspired by the opportunity to help and improve the lives of other people by protecting them against the potential of financial ruin. Looking into the theoretical basics of financial stability, Harald Seiz realized that it can rely only on real values and assets. At all times the most effective way to protect capital from continuous changes in the economy and from crises has been gold. Harald Seiz wrote the book “The Future of Money: How Gold will Revolutionize our Method of Payments” which was a bestseller, the payment system secured by gold. In the first year after the ICO phase completion, its income will be $5 billion with subsequent increase of 25% per year. Among the industry leaders are also Gold Standard exchanges backed on blockchain technology: Karatbars Digital Stock Exchange, an innovative trading platform aimed to work for the huge financial industry, which is going to reach a turnover of $3 billion in the first year (see page 10) and Karatbit Cryptocurrency Exchange that has a turnover of $150 billion and is planning to annually increase this volume by 100% (see page 9). Within recent years, Gold Standard has stablished the most successful blockchain projects that will form the basis of the global payment system secured by gold. Among them is KaratGold Coin project, which ICO has raised more than $100 million to become one of the largest in the history, as well as the project of KaratCoin Bank that will issue the gold-backed cryptocurrency to provide the blockchain-based Payment System. Gold Standard develops a global payment system

In 2011 he founded Karatbars International GmbH in Stuttgart where Harald Seiz is the Managing Director. Since then he has been consistently and successfully internationalizing the business. In 2016, he was awarded the Senatorial Degree by the Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade (BWA). In 2017 and 2018, Harald Seiz supervised the creation of a global international holding with its main goal to build a new digital economy based on gold and currency circulation. Today we are on the verge of revolutionary changes in the global economy, which were made possible by consistent activities taken by Harald Seiz in the past ten years to put the ideas of a fair financial system into practice. During this period he created all the necessary elements of a single mechanism, required to start gold and currency circulation. Today, they are all integrated in a single Gold Standard holding. The founder and CEO of Gold Standard Harald Seiz is the person whose vision creates a fair world of the future where millions of people will find their financial freedom.



Karatbars.com International Profitable Gold and CryptoCurrency Home Based Business Income Opportunity - Gold2Gold4Gold


By the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century, global economy has been undergoing the most significant transformation over its entire existence. Industry digitalization, creation and implementation of artificial intelligence, as well as invention and introduction of blockchain technology are interfering into the usual economic relations that have been evolving over the centuries. On the basis of modern technologies, new economic giants are growing, which yet today form the contours of a new novel world. Gold Standard Bank has become the most significant global multinational holding company in financial sector that has been setting new trends in the blockchain sector development. Its rapid growth is based on the understanding that the world of the future will draw on technology and gold. Over the past few years, it has become the largest venture, which has implemented a number of successful innovative blockchain projects related to introduction and development of gold exchange transactions. Today, the Gold Standard system operating in 120 countries has over 500 thousand regular customers and 120 million euros of Gold Standard capital, while the total number of affiliates of all Karatbars Group projects has reached over 540,000. Above all, capitalization of its successful ventures will be more than $1 billion within a year. Gold Standard bridges the gap between people and gold with successful projects rooted in goldvalue circulation. Its key projects are recognized as the leaders in banking and blockchain fields. This is KC Bank Hong Kong Gold Trading (see page 8) that operates its gold mining project with annual gold sales revenue of $600 million and KaratCoin Bank Miami (see page 7), the world’s first Crypto Bank, which aims to become a global bank having based on gold at an impressive pace. Not only this holding company provides banking services but also issues payment cards, as well as works with ATMs, E-Wallets and the KaratPay system. With its help any transactions, payments or purchases, money savings and investment operations backed by gold can these days be easily performed (see page 12). Globalization of proven solutions and creation of a world blockchain-based payment system has become a relevant objective for Gold Standard. Rapid increase in the cost of its projects puts it at the center of the future financial system, the basis of which will be relations based on free circulation of cryptocurrencies backed by gold. In 2018, Physical Gold in Digital Form appeared. Gold Standard has then created KCB and KBC, cryptocurrencies secured by gold.

To ensure the circulation of foreign exchange, Gold Standard takes decisive actions aimed at creating a gold reserve, which will allow KCB and KBC to become the basis of gold circulation. Therefore, if blockchain users ever decide to exchange their KBC or KCB coins for physical gold, they will know that gold reserve guarantees them such a possibility. This is the reason why Gold Standard invests in gold mining in the most promising regions of the planet. For instance, in the middle of 2018, the Goldmine in Madagascar having gold reserves of $900 million was bought (see page 13). Guinea will become the next country to open gold mines, where Gold Standard has received a license to operate and develop 12 mining perimeters with proven gold reserves of more than 200 tons in total.

The next logical step will be globalization of proven solutions and creation of a world blockchain-based payment system based on a crypto-currency backed by gold. And we know when it will happen. Gold Standard announced that starting from July 4, 2019 called as The Gold Independence Day, everyone will be able to freely exchange pure gold to KBC (see page 17). Entering the Gold Independence World, Gold Standard did not stop and took the next – even more decisive – step. It has developed MAINNET, an innovative blockchain, in which development Gold Standard nowadays invests enormous efforts and resources. After the MAINNET project is launched (September 4, 2019), both coins – KBC and KCB – will be transferred to personal blockchain with full preservation of their market value. A sole coin backed by gold and freely exchanged for gold will then be created (see page 15). The goals set by Gold Standard are implemented in a clearly defined time frame. In a year, we all will live and work in another world, the world in which Gold Standard has given us the gold circulation back. Time for big changes has come: the old world is dying, and the new daring one is coming. It’s a time of turmoil and crises, but also time of great opportunities.



Being a global holding company, Gold Standard carries its business internationally. Among other regions Asia remains to be one of the brightest and most promising places to grow. Over the past year, Gold Standard has managed to establish cooperation with more than three renowned gold trading partners there. According to the venture estimates, the main capabilities are concentrated in Hong Kong, financial center of China. This is where Gold Standard opened its representative office and decided to place its gold deposits (135 kg of pure gold). Such business plan made it possible to conclude promising agreements with top-class gold traders on joint business activities in the Asian gold market. Realizing the prospects of this region, Gold Standard went further and is currently working on the KC Bank Hong Kong Gold Trading establishment, which will operate its gold mining project with annual gold sales revenue of $600 million. The venture is thinking to trade gold bars in the daily volume of 200kg or more as a start.

The main aims of the bank are to provide the trading flows of physical gold, which will come from the Gold Standard gold mines, as well as to maintain the balance of gold deposits that will be created to ensure gold-value circulation. Conclusion of cooperation and partnership agreements, jointly with the opening of Gold Standard Hong Kong headquarter significantly contribute to increasing the level of Asian integration into the emerging world market of cryptocurrencies secured by gold, whereas establishment of KC Bank Hong Kong Gold Trading will allow this region to become a major player in the future multi-polar global gold trading system.



Today, Gold Standard manages the most relevant cryptocurrency backed by gold. To ensure a serious approach to cash management and payment system development, KaratCoin Bank, the world’s first cryptocurrency bank has been established in the United States. The bank is deliberately set up in the country, which has the most stringent financial regulation and huge financial opportunities so that to guarantee all backers full reliability and clear prospects of the project development. KaratCoin Bank is a key project of Gold Standard, since on its basis a global gold exchange circulation is built. The current aim of it is to set up a bridge between conventional finance and blockchain-based economy, which could help the bank become a financial center of the global cryptocurrency system.

While developing a global system of gold-value circulation, Gold Standard’s plan of KaratCoin Bank establishment was to perform the following functions: • circulation of cryptocurrency covered by gold; • rendering services of the first full blockchain-based and cryptocurrency-related bank which shall become the core of the global cryptocurrency banking system; • execution of treasury functions for the KaratGold Ecosystem and cryptocurrencies, in particular, gold and CashGold safekeeping.

The current aim of KaratCoin Bank is to launch services that could excel the traditional payment infrastructure in terms of convenience and reliability, as well as provide easy access to cryptocurrencies and investments in gold for 200 million conventional users. KaratCoin Bank will manage blockchain-based digitized securities, commodities and other assets for the benefit of its customers: provide an access to credit, debit and cash cards, manage the Karatgold Security House due to store gold and other assets, as well as manage blockchainbased assets and the crypto assets portfolio. Moreover, it will make a cryptocurrency backed by gold the standard and mainstream currency. This will be achieved by building up a comprehensive environment meeting all and any user needs. Due to these global changes and visionary activities, the bank will be able to run the process of conventional economy transformation and become financial leader of a new blockchainbased economy.

Exchanges serve as important structural components of the modern financial world. These are the centers that digital economy creates, through which the future financial flows are intended to run. Realizing the importance of free exchange for building a global payment system secured by gold, Gold Standard announced the opening of KARATBIT cryptocurrency exchange that has become an essential tool in the global payment system development. This service provides a link between cryptocurrency and traditional economies, supports direct trade of KBC, BTC and ETH into fiat money and works as the basis, on which the gold circulation mechanism is planned to be created. With the help of KARATBIT, Gold Standard guarantees that the cost of cryptocurrency will always be fair, will correspond to supply and demand, and that KBC holders will always be able to convert their savings into any other assets. Taking all things together, KARATBIT is developed as a multifunctional platform that covers all aspects of digital cryptocurrency system and connects new options and services. This multi-currency, multitasking and high-performance trading platform is meant to be a user friendly, functional and fully trader-oriented service. What is more, its significant advantage is ability to accept Cashgold via Karatpay, which enables to store gold and trade it into cryptocurrencies. KARATBIT is the future gold heart of Gold Standard, through which the key financial flows will run.



The global payment system based on a cryptocurrency backed by gold is an efficient but rather complex structure. Gold Standard Bank exerts persistent efforts towards consistent deployment and debugging of its components. In general, the ideal blockchain-based payment system is a tandem of the cryptocurrency gold standard and financial structure that can guarantee that the cryptocurrency is exchangeable for gold. Gold Standard Bank headed by visionary Harald Seiz, has already offered solutions which are the basis for the global gold-value circulation. In October 2018, the holding announced the adoption of cryptocurrency gold standard - starting from the Gold Independence Day, July 4th, 2019, KBC coins can be exchanged for pure physical gold. It is guaranteed that 100 KBC can be exchanged for one gram of gold. The blockchain economy, based on the cryptocurrency gold standard, will have a fixed exchange rate and the owner of one hundred thousand KBC will be able to exchange them for 1 kilogram of pure gold. At the same time, Gold Standard Bank announced the opening of the KARATBIT cryptocurrency exchange supporting the liquidity of gold-backed cryptocurrencies. These steps are the essence of Gold Standard Bank’s strategy, which makes it the global leader in the blockchain revolution. Efficient and successful completion of the mission to create the global blockchain-based payment system will make it possible to launch the stabilizing center of the World economy. Is it possible to implement these plans in the near future? Yes, it is. Today there is a clear promise of Mr. Harald Seiz, CEO and founder of Gold Standard Bank: “I guarantee everyone, that they will receive 1g gold for 100 KBC each on Independence Day (July 4, 2019)”. As it has been proven during the years of the gold holding development, the only thing that Gold Standard Bank values higher than gold is its word given to backers. If you take a scrupulous and close look at the history of the project, you will find that all its promises are fulfilled in a timely and very consistent manner.

Gold Standard applies a very selective and professional approach to the choice of investment objects, understanding the importance of the mission it implements. After the successful purchase of “Fort Dauphin” gold mine at Madagascar, based on a careful preliminary analysis, it was decided that the next country where Gold Standard would open its mines is Guinea. Guinea offer excellent investment climate, low taxes and huge reserves of gold. The north of the country is known for the so-called goldore belt of Faleme which includes a number of rich gold deposits and welcome arranging efficient gold mining. Gold Standard has obtained a license to operate and develop 12 mining perimeters in Guinea, with proven gold reserves totaling more than 200 tons. Taking into account 700 tons of explored reserves in the country, Gold Standard Bank will control more than a quarter of the gold-bearing regions of the Republic of Guinea. The efforts and investments made by Gold Standard Bank have a significant impact on the development of the regional economy, that is why this project has won the support of the state and his excellency Prime Minister of the Republic of Guinea Ibrahima Kassory Fofana. Gold Standard is focused on the long-term perspective and plans to manifold increase its gold production in the Republic of Guinea; therefore it has initially obtained a long term mining permit for up to 20 years. Using advanced technologies and an open mining method, Gold Standard plans to significantly increase the efficiency of gold mining. The long-term strategy will make Gold Standard a leader in gold mining in the region and will contribute significantly to the development of the economy of the Republic of Guinea.



This year, Gold Standard has made the most significant step in shaping the New History of Gold. Having entered the market with the idea of goldbacked cryptocurrency, Gold Standard completed one of the most successful ICOs in history. KaratGold Coin ICO has been raised $100 million, which confirms the fact that nothing is as reliable and prosperity-guaranteed as gold. Why did the ideas of the Gold Standard turn out to be so wanted and timely? Karatgold Coin project has a specific feature which sharply distinguishes it from other innovative startups of 2018 – it is not limited solely to internal problems of cryptocurrency community. In fact, Karatgold Coin solves the issues faced by the conventional economy and global monetary system. Karatgold Coin is a concept of the future that has already come true. Today, numerous analytical reports of supranational financial institutions highlight several global problems of the current world monetary system. Their elimination is the primary aim of Karatgold Coin reformers. The first and most important problem emphasized by virtually all experts is that the modern world monetary system does not reflect a real situation in the world economy. The notable and fast-paced development of regional economies is hampered by the weakness of their own locally limited currency systems. Expansion of KBC and KCB cryptocurrencies backed by gold includes global market mechanisms, which allow capital and commodity flows to move faster and increase the efficiency of the global economy. The second problem of the global monetary system is the growth of global instability that causes an increasing number of financial crises, volatility in key markets and accumulation of imbalances. Introduction of gold-backed KBC cryptocurrency independent of the central government will help stabilize the global payment system and balance commodity-cash flows. The third critical problem is economically unreasonable privileges of dollar that is currently used as a calculated currency. The net annual U.S. gain from the dominance of dollar as a reserve currency varies from $50 billion in stable years to $150 billion in times of financial crises. Today it has become evident that it is necessary to diversify international currency payments through creation of a supranational cryptocurrency based on gold as the generally accepted equivalent. Understanding how important it is to solve these problems, Gold Standard continues to rapidly develop a world blockchain-based payment system that uses cryptocurrency secured by gold.



The Karatbars Digital Stock Exchange will be a New Star in orbit of Gold Standard. Karatbars Digital Stock Exchange is a hybrid blockchain platform where shares of small and medium-sized businesses will be cryptonized in order to be traded. The disruptive idea of Gold Standard will save entities the trouble of repeatedly going through the expensive listing procedure on each exchange in New York, London and Frankfurt. Digitized shares of any business from anywhere in the world will be listed on one place. Gold Standard makes it possible with the blockchain technology. Gold Standard was prompted to set up a digital stock exchange by its high awareness of today’s difficult situation, when conventional stock markets are congested with numerous intermediaries who intervene between bidders, thus increasing costs and reducing efficiency. Due to Gold Standard’s developments based on blockchain, the number of intermediaries will be significantly reduced, opening access to global capital for small and medium businesses. The Karatbars Digital Stock Exchange is a hitech, user-friendly platform where digitized shares of businesses from the furthest corners of the world will circulate without any restrictions and limitations. Gold Standard reviewed and corrected the key deficiencies and faults of conventional stock exchanges. The Karatbars Digital Stock Exchange will ensure direct interaction between buyers and sellers, making the transaction costs negligible. The stability and security of the platform is guaranteed by blockchain technology. As a result, by the aid of Gold Standard the whole world will be enabled to enter the stock exchange, thus greatly facilitating the movement of capital and reviving the economy of many countries.



One of the paramount goals of Gold Standard is to create services that will excel the conventional payment infrastructure in terms of convenience and reliability and provide two hundred million users with easy access to the use of cryptocurrencies and investing in gold.

By now Gold Standard has built up a payment system that will be a platform for global gold-value exchange. Through this gateway, payments will be processed with cryptocurrency, physical gold, fiat, proprietary ATM machines or credit card. The fees charged by the service are very small, which makes our solution advantageous compared to others in the market. Payments, conversions, redeems and withdrawals can be effected within seconds. One of the most significant links of KaratGold gold chain is a mobile application that has now allowed instant and safe access to the payment system KaratPay. KaratPay is an actively functioning payment system that facilitates payments covered by gold. KaratPay accounts can be credited and used for payments either online, or at the different points of acceptance.

The APIs for the technical integration of merchants and servicers enable quick expansion of the mobile application use. Therefore, shops and online shops as well as service providers can be connected and accept payments with CashGold. The mobile application has become a part of the safest system of exchange and payment worldwide – Cashgold, the new means of payment and exchange. As all KaratGold products, the application supports the most advanced security standards. Today, it is obvious that Gold Standard invests big money not only in gold but also in technologies: anyone who understands the importance of developments in digital space can evaluate the highest level of technology and security of the financial services.



At a certain stage of development public services can no longer fit the scale of activity of a global corporation. Gold Standard, the development rate of which outstrips the most daring forecasts, appears acutely aware of the fact that in the near future the public blockchain will turn into an obstacle to the fast-paced development of financial services. In addition, in the long term, lack of control and the ability to effect anonymous transactions will impede the effective integration of Gold Standard services into the global mechanism of economy. Gold Standard chose to develop its own blockchain with the code name of MAINNET. The MAINNET is an innovative blockchain, in the development of which Gold Standard is investing huge efforts and resources at present. After the MAINNET release, which is scheduled for 4th September 2019, both coins - KBC and KCB will be transferred to their own blockchain with their market value protected. A single coin will be created, backed by gold and freely exchangeable for gold. Initially, the MAINNET is developed for the future and is designed to connect hundreds of millions of users around the world. Development of own blockchain became the base platform for innovations used by Gold Standard to develop a global financial ecosystem. Gold Standard is developed as a secure tool based on which a cost-effective and absolutely transparent financial network will be built. The MAINNET will be the base for the global financial ecosystem of Gold Standard, the blockchain will integrate it into a whole.



Even in the modern pragmatic world, gold mining remains an adventure-like business. However, only a visionary look into the future makes it possible to see the real serious prospects of investing in gold mines. Global instability and gold prices, which have been held back for years, make investing in gold mines the key to the future fast-paced development of Gold Standard. Less than a year ago, Gold Standard’s creation of gold-backed cryptocurrencies was a real breakthrough in gold-value circulation. To ensure free conversion, Gold Standard takes decisive actions intended to create a gold reserve. This will make KCB and KBC the basis of gold circulation. Therefore, if blockchain users ever decide to exchange their KBC or KCB coins for physical gold, they will know that gold reserve guarantees them such a possibility. That is why Gold Standard chose to invest in gold mining in the most promising regions of the planet. After a careful market assessment and preparation of an expert opinion on proven gold reserves, Gold Standard bought “Fort Dauphin” gold mine at Madagascar. As confirmed by the economic evaluation, prepared by independent experts, the mine has deposits of gold, silver and copper. The gold deposit after detailed examination is 22,987.41 kg, the silver deposit amounts to 36.241,41 kg. It was decided that all gold in the mine would be mined by Gold Standard and applied to secure KBC and KCB. Just a few months after the purchase, the first deposit of 135 kg of pure gold was made. The success of the project allowed Gold Standard to almost immediately proceed with assessing the effectiveness of the purchase of the next gold mine to expand gold production. The flourishing of gold mining enables Gold Standard to provide a solid foundation for building up a global payment system based on the gold mined in African mines.



After blockchain was introduced, when it became clear that money can be transferred as freely as information, the Gold Standard team realized that this technology will make such a revolution in the financial world as the Internet made not long ago in the information dissemination environment. Tomorrow it would be impossible to think of something connected with money without blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Paying bills, shopping, getting salaries and wages, your savings and investments will be based on blockchain technology. But although the question “How to transfer money via the Internet?” was answered, the question “How to ensure value and reliability of transferred money?” still remains open. Cryptocurrencies come and go, their value grows and falls, which in fact prevents their rapid integration into real economic relations. The solution turned out to be quite obvious and reliable just as blockchain itself. Gold Standard created the KaratGold Coin project and as a part of it issued a cryptocurrency covered by physical gold. The main idea on which a new KBC cryptocurrency stands is very simple: money secured by gold is better than money secured by nothing. In 2018, Physical Gold in Digital Form appeared. The KaratGold Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency specifically designed to be used as a generally accepted electronic payment. This coin is linked to physically deposited gold in the form of the so-called CashGold, a true gold standard. A certain number of KaratGold Coins can be exchanged for the corresponding amount of CashGold at any time. At the same time Gold Standard developed operating mechanisms that will allow owners, retailers and governments all around the Globe to use the modern blockchain-based currency covered by gold. The next logical step was globalization of the proven solutions and creating a world blockchainbased payment system based on a cryptocurrency backed by gold. The existing global payment system, which is controlled by banks and governments, solves problems of financial megastructures and the state but not of its users. For users, it remains inefficient, fragmented, slow and expensive to maintain. In a few years, when making quick and cheap global transactions within the gold value payment system created by Gold Standard it will be difficult to believe that people could exchange pieces of paper and took a word of financial corporations secured by nothing. Since by that time blockchain will have been fully based on gold.



  1. According to the World Gold Council, world gold holdings make 187,200 tons. The major amount is held by Central Banks, as private investments and jewelry. With an average spot price of $1,225 per ounce, the value of the global gold reserve can be estimated at $7.7 trillion. Is this a lot or a little? To compare, the total value of all banknotes and coins issued in the world is $7.6 trillion. Thus, behind every dollar or euro that you have ever held in your hands there is gold with a higher value
  2. The world’s major economies believe in gold more than in any other reserve currencies. The United States of America is the custodian of the largest gold reserves in the world. It owns 8,133 tons of gold, which is 74.5% of their reserve assets. Germany comes the second in the world and the first in Europe and owns 3,370 thousand tons of gold, which is 69.9% of reserve assets of this country. The other top ten countries with the largest gold reserves are: China, Russia, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, France, the Netherlands and India.
  3. Gold has gained increasing credibility from Central Banks over the past decade. Beginning from 2010, the Central Banks all over the world have turned from net gold sellers into net gold buyers. In 2017, their activity increased by 36% and amounted to 366 tons of net purchase, which is a significant increase since 2016. Last year, the gross sales in the official sector fell to the lowest level since 2014 by 55%, which resulted in the fact that the holders ceased to sell the available gold. The current 2018 year has become the year of the strongest demand for gold by Central Banks. According to the World Gold Council, in the first quarter of 2018 such demand increased by 42% compared to the same period of the previous year, and the net demand was 116.5 tons. This indicates that Central Banks foresee a sharp rise in the value of gold, which historically is considered as a safe haven asset.
  4. Gold gains increasing credibility with professional investors. As the global debt continues to grow and the global economy becomes more unstable, individual investors are actively investing in gold, which has historically proved itself in times of economic decline and geopolitical uncertainty. The current situation is obvious for professional investors, who give gold an increasing share in their portfolios. According to the World Gold Council, the annual volume of gold bought by investors has increased by no less than 235% over the past three decades.
  5. Nowadays the rate of gold is in large part artificially held back by adopting regulations affecting its price. A case in point is the “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act”, which directly restricted the right of residents to trade precious metals, including gold. However, due to regulatory restrictions, the investment potential of gold has remained the same; it is being artificially held back, and preferences are given to unsecured fiat money, since fiat money is what the most countries of the world base their debt-built economy on. Financial bubble of unsecured fiat money definitely cannot grow for long. What will happen if its bursts? The answer is obvious: there will be a sharp depreciation of fiat money and need in such assets that have real value, primarily in gold.
  6. In the 21st century the best investments are gold-covered assets. Traditionally gold as an investment tool has several forms - gold bars, investment gold coins and gold sand. In different countries the purchase of gold is subject to various taxes, including the value-added tax. Thus, taxes artificially reduce the investment attractiveness of gold and reduce the effective rate of return. Consequently, the best investments are those that are allocated to assets secured by gold and possess all the advantages of metal gold.
  7. In the 21st century Gold Standard created Physical Gold in Digital Form. In 2018, Gold Standard developed a cryptocurrency secured by physical gold. Having a gold equivalent KBC may be used both as an investment tool and a blockchain-based cryptocurrency specifically designed to be used as a generally accepted digital payment. Being physically linked to gold, the new cryptocurrency is also a liquid payment instrument, which allows making prompt necessary payments while maintaining the reliability of investments. By means of technological innovations in the 21st century gold has not only strengthened its position in the global economy but has also acquired new forms that allowed it to confidently enter the digital future



Gold Standard Bank has become a visionary entity the creation of which was pre-determined by the current stage of the human financial history development. Today, the global horizon is overclouded by clearly visible unregulated risks which will bring forth financial crises of an ever-increasing scale. The first among such risks is the world-breaker level of the Total Global Debt, which began to grow at an exponential rate after the removal of the gold standard. According to the Institute of International Finance (IIF), in 2017 the level of the Global Debt reached a huge amount of 217 trillion dollars - this is 327 percent of the world’s gross domestic product.

This debt poses a huge risk by creating a global financial “bubble” the collapse of which will result in a crisis of truly biblical proportions and complete devaluation of fiat money. According to Alan Greenspan, an American economist who served as Chair of the Federal Reserve of the United States for 18 years: “If the gold standard were in place today, we would not have reached the situation in which we now find ourselves. We cannot afford to spend on the infrastructure in the way that we should. The US sorely needs it, and it would pay for itself eventually in the form of a better economic environment”. Though it is unlikely that the gold standard will be introduced in the world’s leading economies. But the cryptocurrency world, which today is in the lead of both technological progress and economic progress, is one step ahead of the conventional economy. In 2018 a New Golden Standard based on the blockchain technology was created. Gold Standard Bank, together with the KaratGold Ecosystem, has developed a global solution connected to gold. The idea for the creation and establishment of KBC and KCB - cryptocurrencies backed by gold, was to set up a counterpoint to the unstable global payment system. Now KBC is the most relevant cryptocurrency backed by gold. In general, there only remains to support the opinion of Alan Grispen, who clearly stated: “Investment in gold now is insurance. It’s not for short-term gain, but for long-term protection”.



The conception and forms of money have changed many times throughout the history. Gold replaced barter system, whereas fiat paper money replaced gold. Cryptocurrencies are a new stage of evolution. Each step in the money history was accompanied by desperate competition in the form of different approaches to understanding the new round of its development. Money was made from shells, stones, teeth of animals and feathers, until many thousands of years ago these goods were replaced by gold in the form of coins. Coins were later replaced by paper money that was issued under government guarantees, liabilities of private banks and even individuals. Then they were driven out by banknotes secured by gold. Today’s new stage in money development is accompanied by uprising of thousands of different cryptocurrencies competing for the right to take their place in the global exchange and to become a universal equivalent. Will the world history repeat itself once again, and will the cryptocurrency covered by gold win this competition? Even now when someone wants to emphasize the importance of some cryptocurrency, bitcoin, for example, it is called “digital gold”. But at present bitcoin technologically lags behind the new generation of cryptocurrencies. Gold Standard has offered a solution with obvious advantages. It issued a cryptocurrency secured by physical gold. Having a gold equivalent, the KaratGold Coin combines advantages of cryptocurrency and the reliability of metal proven by millennia of human history. Being, in fact, a digital gold, the KaratGold Coin is at the same time a blockchain-based cryptocurrency specifically designed to be used as a generally accepted electronic payment. The new cryptocurrency physically backed by gold is also a high-tech product, originally created to provide commodity turnover globally. Will the world history repeat itself? Will true gold value vested in the Karat Gold Coin win over hundreds of unsecured cryptocurrencies? Yes, gold will win.



The paradox of the modern world is that despite the exit from the Gold Standard used to back the money turnover, the overwhelming majority of developed countries still keep most of their reserves in monetary gold. Thus, in spite of the fact that the governments of the leading countries abandoned the national currency gold coverage, the very fact of possessing gold instills confidence in the ability to pay bills. The table below shows countries with the largest gold reserves in tons according to the World Gold Council.

Thus, the largest economies in the world, which are issuers of fiat money, believe in gold more than in their own reserve currencies. The United States of America, which actually imposes the dollar as a means of settlement through political and economic pressure, owns the largest gold reserves in the world. The gold reserves of the United States are 8,133 tons, which is 74.5% of their gold and foreign exchange reserves. Germany owns gold in the amount of 3,370 thousand tons, which is 69.9% of the gold and foreign exchange reserves of this country. France keeps 2,436 tons of gold in its gold and foreign exchange reserves, which accounts for 58.5% of its gold and foreign exchange reserves. The desire of Central Banks to provide themselves with gold has been growing over the past decade. Knowing the ropes of the situation, Central Banks worldwide have become net buyers instead of net sellers of gold. In 2017, the growth in the volume of gold purchased by Central Banks increased by 36 percent and amounted to 366 tons of net purchase, despite the fact that sales decreased by 55 percent to the lowest level since 2014. In the current situation, no one wants to sell their gold. It is planned that the next 2019 year will be the year of maximum demand for gold from Central Banks. According to the World Gold Council, in 2018, the demand for gold has increased by 42 percent, while net demand in the first quarter only amounted to 116.5 tons. Central Banks foresee a dramatic rise in the value of gold and consistently convert their fiat assets into precious metal.

In 2018 Russia has been actively buying gold. China has created the first exchanges where commodities will be traded without the participation of the dollar, thus also significantly increasing the demand for gold. The Central Banks of India, Turkey, Brazil, Kazakhstan and other developing countries behave in the similar way. They are actively buying gold, taking advantage of a period of low prices, which is obviously coming to an end. The situation on the global market of gold reserves is crystal clear and sends a message to private investors actively increasing their own investments in gold-backed assets to take necessary actions. With reference to the long-term trend of gold appreciation Gold Standard created cryptocurrencies backed by gold and in this way enabled the most far-sighted investors to acquire assets which are the basis of a full-fledged gold circulation.

Central Banks foresee a dramatic rise in the value of gold and consistently convert their fiat assets into precious metal!



The reasonable review shows that global transformations implemented by Gold Standard as part of its visionary mission require consistent and large-scale actions. Therefore, Gold Standard consistently accomplishes the key objectives that will ensure achieving their goals. Gold Standard sets and completes goals and objectives in two interrelated strategic areas of activity at the same time. The first is associated with the development of blockchain infrastructure and will enable users to use gold-backed cryptocurrencies with most comfort and at best value. The second area is conditioned by creation and development of a global payment system, which will become the basis of the gold and foreign currency circulation. Let’s take a look at how Gold Standard builds the infrastructure and develops a global payment system based on gold. To create the infrastructure based on which gold-backed cryptocurrencies will circulate it is required, first of all, to provide a link to conventional economy and fiat money. This objective was attained by establishing KaratCoin Bank in the USA, the first licensed cryptocurrency bank in the world.

Upon completion of the ICO held by KaratCoin Bank, it will become the international settlement center, linking the conventional economy and gold and foreign currency circulation based on KBC and KCB cryptocurrencies. Secondly, Gold Standard was required to ensure gold coverage of the cryptocurrency created. For this purpose, Gold Standard acquired and went on to exploit the gold mine “Fort Dauphin” in Madagascar. All the gold of the mine, evaluated by auditors at 1.2 billion dollars, will be extracted and used to cover KBC и KCB. To follow up the success of “Fort Dauphin” Gold Standard decided to invest in the gold fields of the Republic of Guinea, where it obtained a permit mine gold totaling more than 200 tons. The third area of activity was the development of the digital infrastructure required to ensure userfriendly and easy access to KBC and KCB. This area was marked by implementation of several projects at once, including the development of the KaratGold Coin mobile application, which provides access to the gold-covered payment system, and the opening of the official KaratBit Exchange. Provision of full-scale banking services and release of a payment card are underway. Access to ATMs, eWallets and the KaratPay system is provided worldwide. All these impressive steps were taken by Gold Standard during 2018. The creation of a global payment system based on circulation of gold-backed cryptocurrencies will constitute the next stage of its development. What steps is Gold Standard taking at the moment to accomplish this visionary mission? Firstly, in 2019, KBC and KCB cryptocurrencies will be tightly tied to gold. Starting from the Gold Independence Day, everyone will be able to exchange pure gold for KBC. The global cryptocurrency market will welcome the first coin that has a stable value that is tied to gold and easily exchangeable from KBC to gold through Karatbars’ KaratBit exchange. The stable value offered by KBC to the market will make it a cryptocurrency preferred for use in blockchain transactions and will eventually drive most cryptocurrencies out of the market. The KBC value will grow as its infrastructure grows and the payment system develops. Secondly, the decisive and determinant step to be taken is making the MAINNET available for the public, an innovative blockchain where Gold Standard is extensively investing its efforts and resources today. Thirdly, Gold Standard continues developing its payment system in a quick manner being faced with a global aim. Based on KaratCoin Bank a global blockchain-based cryptocurrency system backed by gold is being built up. To arrive at this goal the KaratCoin Bank has developed mechanisms that will enable owners, retailers, and governments around the world to use the innovative blockchainbased currency covered by gold. A blockchainbased World Central Bank issuing a Stable Coin will be established.

A clear understanding of the final goal, consistency in implementation of the planned decisive steps in development of the digital gold currency will empower Gold Standard to become a financial center of a new digital economy.



Gold Standard, being a global financial holding, takes a very conservative approach to building its assets and taking investment decisions. Within the strategy of a global corporation it is also required to make a very careful and informed choice of cryptocurrency assets to hold with maximum benefit. In the newborn world of crypto-currencies the classic problems of the investor are multiplied by the enormous speed at which projects develop and the lack of a long-standing history. The situation is strained by almost 80% drop in the cryptocurrency market in 2018. However, even in this sensitive situation, investments in cryptocurrencies remain one of the most profitable areas of investment when reasonable approach is applied. Let’s take Karatgold Coin (KBC) to illustrate the criteria which a cryptocurrency project should meet to be a well-informed choice of a subject of investing activities.

Rule One. Before you make your first investment, you should carefully examine the project that is behind the cryptocurrency. You should get a clear understanding that it is not a bubble wrapped in a beautiful marketing cover. The cryptocurrency should be supported by an enterprise with real assets, successful projects and a history of at least several years of flawless operation. Thus Karatgold Coin (KBC) was created by one of the most successful enterprises of Gold Standard - Karatbars International GmbH, Stuttgart, which since 2011 has been providing physical gold assets to a customer base of over half a million customers. In 2018 KaratCoin Bank, the World’s first cryptocurrency bank was established in the United States, the country which has the most stringent financial regulation and huge financial opportunities. In the cryptocurrency world only one of a hundred projects can boast of such a background, at best; Gold Standard here is an exception rather than a rule.

Rule Two. By investing in a crypto currency, you invest in the economy or technology behind the project. You should take into account the fundamental reasons for the growth of the chosen industry, carry out your own analysis and understand the situation and dynamics of this industry in the conventional economy. Thus having offered the market a crypto currency backed by gold, Karatgold Coin presented a product that is in great demand in the fiat world - stability and predictability of the payment system. Recent global financial crises and a huge Total Global Debt prompt to invest in time-proven assets.

Rule Three. Consider the prospects of the project. Current project activities and plans for the near future will directly affect the value of the crypto currency it is based on. Having completed one of the most successful ICOs in history and having collected more than $100 million in the Karat Coin project (KBC), Gold Standard has already bought a goldmine in Madagascar with gold reserves of $1.2 billion and obtained the license to mine 200 tons of gold in the Republic of Guinea. Based on its own KaratCoin Bank and payment system, Gold Standard is confidently moving towards its target of $1 billion market capitalization.

Rule Four. Functionality of the token. How can the token in which you plan to invest be applied in addition to exchange trading? Karatgold Coin (KBC) is a gold-backed means of payment. Merchants and online shops as well as service providers can be connected and accept payments with CashGold. You can buy goods and pay for services with the gold-backed cryptocurrency. If at any time you choose not to sell your bought KBC on the exchange or to use KBC to pay for goods and services - you will simply exchange them for gold ingots that will be delivered right to your door. Thus, in addition to being able to use KBC as a speculative instrument or a means of payment, you can make use of its investment potential.

Rule Five. A cryptocurrency should be well perceived in the cryptocurrency community and have a confident position on exchanges. It should show good trade and growth volumes and rates; the project should be approved of and voted for by independent analysts and experts. When describing Karatgold Coin it is better to give the floor to independent experts from livecoindata. com: “Will the Karatgold Coin price increase? Yes the Karatgold Coin price will increase long-term. As time goes on and the Karatgold Coin technology evolves and Karatgold Coin is adopted more into everyday life for people. We think that the Karatgold Coin price will surely increase and therefore Karatgold Coin could be a great investment option for you”. Adhere to the five golden rules for choosing a cryptocurrency and your investments will be as effective as Gold Standard’s investments.

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